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The Stumbling Spirit

Season 1 Retrospective

Season 1, Ep. 18

This is a special retrospective episode of Season 1 of The Stumbling Spirit Podcast. It was hard for me to choose clips for this retrospective because all of my guests had such a profound impact on me with their teachings and stories of resilience. That being said, I have grouped this audio selection into six categories of resilience (which all intersect): Practical, Mindful, Professional, Community, Health and Spiritual. 

I also share my thoughts on the meaning of resilience.

Thank you for listening. I'll be back soon with Season 2.

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  • 17. Authentic Wholeness

    Greg Maxton is an author, educator and holistic practitioner who cultivates wellness for themselves and others through Reiki and mantra chanting. Greg is also my first Reiki teacher. In this episode, we discuss the mystical energy of Reiki, the search for wholeness, and the importance of Pride to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.Guest information:
  • 16. Redefining Leadership

    Jonathan Reynolds is an Executive Leadership Coach and owner of Mindful Life, Mindful Work Inc. Described as a leadership development company, Jonathan’s organization helps corporate executives find ways to improve team performance and workplace culture through mindfulness approaches. But is it possible for companies to become mindful when emphasis is often placed on meeting the bottom line? Should mindfulness be used as a tool to increase performance at all? In this episode, we explore these questions and unpack what it means to be a mindful leader and mindful organization.Guest information: and
  • 15. Shamanic Journey

    Karen Warner is co-owner of Gaia’s Den - a nature sanctuary and off-grid retreat in Eastern Ontario. Located in Algonquin territory and spanning 74 acres, this forested paradise and rugged landscape has several waterfalls and an abundance of plant life. Karen is not only a conservationist but a self-described Shaman who leads groups on hikes throughout her property to help people connect with themselves and with the spirits of nature. In this episode, we discuss the importance of nature in the human experience, and Karen sheds light on her life's purpose and journey.*Guest information: Karen Warner on Facebook (Harcourt, Ontario),,, +1 705 448 1346*My apologies for the reverb in this episode - I had not connected my mic properly. Karen sounds totally fine though.
  • 14. Fashioning Image

    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for Leah Morrigan one’s image is what leaves a lasting impression. For more than 15 years, she has spent her career helping professionals, from doctors to corporate executives, improve their overall style and boost their confidence through fashion, and now the written word. With a background in costume design and image consulting, Leah established a reputation as a go-to men’s stylist, working with clients in Canada and internationally. She has since shifted her focus to business communications helping organizations with their online content, documents and presentations. In this episode, we tackle image and strip back the layers to uncover its meaning and purpose. Guest information: for image consulting, and for business communications.
  • 13. Deeper than Bottom Line

    For many businesses, the Covid pandemic produced unparalleled challenges to thrive through mandatory restrictions and drastic shifts in consumer buying habits. Some retailers pivoted quickly to online sales, while others permanently shuttered their doors. Regina Sheung not only navigated her way through economic uncertainty, but underwent her own transformation that inspired her to change her long-established boutique in Toronto from a place that sells distinctive curated merchandise into a collaborative multi-functional community space. Regina opens up about her journey as a retailer and truth-seeker, and her "Labour of Love."Guest information:
  • 12. Reality Bites

    Mark Peacock has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years as an actor, drag performer, producer and Reality TV writer, with credits on popular shows such as Canada’s Next Top Model and The Amazing Race Canada. Mark also scripted an acclaimed short film called Bunny which screened internationally, and holds special meaning to him. In this episode, we talk about the realities within Reality TV, Mark’s creative vocation, and the pivotal moments that have helped shape him as a person and an artist. Guest information: @markpeacock on LinkedIn.
  • 11. Tales of Dying and Death

    Michele Chaban invites stillness and mortality into her practice on a daily basis. She has her PhD in Clinical Thanatology, is Founder of Mindfulness Studies at University of Toronto, and teaches several certificate programs there, including Mindfulness Informed End of Life Care. For much of her career, Michele applied both skill sets as a social worker, counselling patients and their families in the palliative care centre at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  In this episode, we discuss dying and death, the role that mindfulness can play to ease suffering, and we learn more about Michele herself and the life-changing event that led her towards contemplative practice and caregiving. Guest information: Dr. Michele Chaban, MSW, RSW (retired), PhD, still teaches mindfulness and can be contacted at
  • 10. Balance in Pictures

    After a sudden attack of vertigo in 2019, Marilyn Calleja's world changed affecting her daily well-being and long career in Human Resources. However, Marilyn’s vestibular dysfunction inspired a new passion for painting natural landscapes - interpreting her dreamlike surroundings as satisfying kaleidoscopes of geometric shapes and colours. In this episode, we chat about Marilyn's art and her search for balance when it has been compromised.Guest information: and @marilyncallejaart on Instagram.