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Weathering Milestones

Season 2, Ep. 14

In 2001, Heather Harris experienced complications during childbirth after thirty-one hours of labour. It was a mother’s worst nightmare. Her baby’s life was at risk. Oxygen deprivation caused her firstborn son immediate seizures and a permanent brain injury that would forever impact his motor control. He was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Heather opens up about her journey as a parent to support her disabled and exceptionally gifted son.

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  • 17. Spirit Counselling

    Renowned psychic-medium, Jackie Dennison, is one-half of the clairvoyant duo on the popular Canadian paranormal show, “Rescue Mediums.” For 7 seasons, Jackie and her partner-in-crime visited haunted houses to bring peace to both homeowners and lingering spirits. Rescue Mediums was one of the first in a wave of psychic-medium reality shows which now seem commonplace. Jackie explains why souls hang back, offers tips on developing our own spiritual gifts, and, she talks about the impact and legacy of her groundbreaking show.Guest Informationhttps://www.jackiedennison.comInstagram: @jackie.dennison
  • 16. Generational Genre

    When most people think of Brazilian music, what might come to mind are bossa nova and samba, but apart from these popular genres, Brazil also has a rich history in classical music. Dr. Paulo Steinberg is a professor of piano, and a virtuoso at his craft who has performed as a soloist in some of the finest venues in the world including, The Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts and Theatro Municipal de São Paulo. In 2017, he recorded a solo piano album called, Alma Brasileira - Brazilian Soul, which is a collection of classical pieces by some of Brazil’s most beloved composers. Paulo discusses his rhythmic album, gives us a lesson in Brazilian musicology, and opens up about his painful childhood and distinguished career.*Guest InformationInstagram: @paulosteinbergEmail: steinbpr@jmu.eduWebsite:*Dr. Paulo Steinberg has granted permission to The Stumbling Spirit Podcast to use his piano performance recordings in this episode.2024 SOCAN Licence (Tariff 22.C) gives this podcast the right to communicate to the public by telecommunication any or all of the musical works in SOCAN's repertoire by means of certain internet transmission or similar transmission facilities by a site ordinarily accessed to listen to audio-only content. SOCAN stands for Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.
  • 15. Existential Awe

    Psychedelic Therapy involves the use of mind-altering drugs, such as psilocybin, to help those who suffer from mental health conditions like depression and addiction. Still highly experimental and somewhat controversial, only a few countries have either legalized or decriminalized this therapeutic practice. Last year, Dr. Dave Bradley was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to explore both contemplative and psychedelic-assisted approaches to the existential well-being of patients within palliative care settings. Based in Scotland, Dave opens up about his journey to becoming both a palliative care doctor and mindfulness practitioner, and he offers key insights about his research to help improve the lives of those who are approaching death.Guest InformationInstagram: @thebothylifeEmail:
  • 13. Wild Cancer Coaster

    For 18 years, Nancy Horvath has been a successful fundraiser, raising millions of dollars for some of the most prominent healthcare organizations in Canada to help improve the lives and health outcomes of patients. In 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nancy became a patient herself - initially diagnosed with stage three breast cancer followed by pancreatic cancer. Now disease-free, Nancy shares her powerful story and healing journey that spanned the big city of Toronto to one of the most remote ends of Canada - Fogo Island.Guest information: LinkedIn Email:
  • 12. Change with Compassion

    When it comes to experiencing loss and navigating through life’s most challenging transitions, such as divorce and career changes, Sharleen Beaumont works with her clients to reframe their limiting belief systems, reimagine their lives, and create action plans to help them become the best version of themselves. Sharleen is an Empowerment Coach who helps people improve their emotional literacy and step into their personal power when it counts the most. Sharleen gives us tips on letting go, dealing with our messiness, and cultivating a courageous path forward. Guest information:LinkedIn@sharleendbeaumont on Instagram
  • 11. One Peak at a Time

    For the past ten years, Noel Scully has been an avid hiker and mountain climber. Noel's mountain climbing adventures have taken him to fifteen countries across four continents, and he has tackled some of the most challenging ascents in the world, including Everest and Kilimanjaro. Based in Dublin, Ireland, this teacher of thirty-four years, reaches rugged summits and breathtaking vistas several times a year. Putting it another way, Noel has done roughly one hundred climbs. Noel talks to us about his passion for hiking, the majesty and vulnerability of mountains, and his regular jaunts to new heights.Guest information:
  • 10. Back Beyond the Mask

    In 2010, three days before a life-altering motorcycle accident, occupational therapist, Jaisa Sulit, wrote these words in her journal, “Help me to stop judging so much. I want to live with more love.” The impact of her crash damaged her spine and left her temporarily paralysed from the waist-down. In her memoir, “Purpose in Paralysis,” Jaisa describes how this traumatic event set her on a path of healing more than just her physical injuries, but also her spirit. Jaisa opens up about her journey of recovery, the importance of relationships and her inspirational book.Guest information: @decolonialmamalove on Instagram.
  • 9. The Queer Alchemist

    Belinda Bannerman is a trauma recovery trainer and practitioner who works with queer survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Australia. With 15 years of experience, Belinda talks about the unique realities faced by the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide in getting the services and support that they need, and explains how somatic therapies can help those individuals impacted by IPV to reconnect to their body, transform their trauma and restore their sense of safety. Belinda opens up about their efforts to help queer people recover from domestic and sexual violence.Guest information: