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The Stumbling Spirit

Passing the Baton

Season 1, Ep. 1

Imagine running through the scorching heat of Death Valley. Darren Weldrick did it, and for 35 years he’s gone the distance as a competitive runner often finishing within the top 10 in local Canadian races. In recent years, Darren shifted his focus from road races to ultra relays. His passion project is called Run to Montreal commemorating the life of his dear friend. Darren opens up about his personal loss, healing journey, resilience practice, and what it took for him to fulfill one of his dreams.

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  • 12. Change with Compassion

    When it comes to experiencing loss and navigating through life’s most challenging transitions, such as divorce and career changes, Sharleen Beaumont works with her clients to reframe their limiting belief systems, reimagine their lives, and create action plans to help them become the best version of themselves. Sharleen is an Empowerment Coach who helps people improve their emotional literacy and step into their personal power when it counts the most. Sharleen gives us tips on letting go, dealing with our messiness, and cultivating a courageous path forward. Guest information:LinkedIn@sharleendbeaumont on Instagram
  • 11. One Peak at a Time

    For the past ten years, Noel Scully has been an avid hiker and mountain climber. Noel's mountain climbing adventures have taken him to fifteen countries across four continents, and he has tackled some of the most challenging ascents in the world, including Everest and Kilimanjaro. Based in Dublin, Ireland, this teacher of thirty-four years, reaches rugged summits and breathtaking vistas several times a year. Putting it another way, Noel has done roughly one hundred climbs. Noel talks to us about his passion for hiking, the majesty and vulnerability of mountains, and his regular jaunts to new heights.Guest information:
  • 10. Back Beyond the Mask

    In 2010, three days before a life-altering motorcycle accident, occupational therapist, Jaisa Sulit, wrote these words in her journal, “Help me to stop judging so much. I want to live with more love.” The impact of her crash damaged her spine and left her temporarily paralysed from the waist-down. In her memoir, “Purpose in Paralysis,” Jaisa describes how this traumatic event set her on a path of healing more than just her physical injuries, but also her spirit. Jaisa opens up about her journey of recovery, the importance of relationships and her inspirational book.Guest information: @decolonialmamalove on Instagram.
  • 9. The Queer Alchemist

    Belinda Bannerman is a trauma recovery trainer and practitioner who works with queer survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Australia. With 15 years of experience, Belinda talks about the unique realities faced by the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide in getting the services and support that they need, and explains how somatic therapies can help those individuals impacted by IPV to reconnect to their body, transform their trauma and restore their sense of safety. Belinda opens up about their efforts to help queer people recover from domestic and sexual violence.Guest information:
  • 8. Consciousness Composition

    Patron of the arts, Lucille Joseph, has pondered the nature of reality since she was a little girl, after encountering a glimpse of conscious awareness while on a beach in British Columbia. This unearthly experience begged the life-long question, “Am I in the world, or is the world in me?” This inexplicable event and existential enquiry led Lucille on a path of exploring the meaning of life and God, under the spiritual mentorship of maestro, Dr. Kenneth Mills. In her memoir, "Releasement - Learning to Dance with Life," Lucille recounts her journey to find answers to life’s greatest mystery - consciousness. Lucille opens up about her mystical experiences, the importance of spiritual teachers, and she unveils the meaning of releasement.Guest information:
  • 7. Soul Flow, Brand Power

    Mike Power is a brand strategist who helps companies around the world successfully launch new products, resolve planning challenges, and innovate. He is also the creator and facilitator of the Flow Workshop series - a professional and personal development programme which aims to change your mindset to realistically manifest goals in the workplace and at home. Mike discusses the soul of a brand, his personal journey through addiction and cancer, and how he unlocked his ultimate potential and flow state.Guest information: and Mike Power on LinkedIn.
  • 6. Justice in Light

    Imagine being blamed for your mom’s mental illness. That's what happened to Donna Armstrong, whose first memory was seeing her beloved mother forced into a car by her detached father to be sent away to a psychiatric hospital for weeks at a time. This distressing scene repeated a number of times throughout Donna’s lonely childhood, and laid the fractured foundation of family dysfunction that included emotional neglect, sexual abuse and silence. Donna broke her silence with her gut-wrenching memoir, “Getting Here from There - The First 10 Years.” Donna's raw account is an exploration of her life experiences, trauma, heartache, and her rise to becoming a successful Crown attorney. Now retired, Donna discusses her powerful book and explains what justice means to her.Guest information:
  • 5. For the Love of Dog

    Dogs are often called man’s best friend with some archeological evidence suggesting that domestication goes as far back as thirty-thousand years. Not only is dog ownership widespread, but evidence shows high rates of dog surrenders, abandonments and euthanasia in several countries including Ireland. Helping to save and improve the wellness outcomes of our canine friends is Bobby Wain, chair of Dundalk Dog Rescue, located in County Louth, Ireland. Bobby talks to us about responsible dog ownership, and explains why adoption and fostering are critically important.Guest information:
  • 4. Moving into Balance

    Darryl Tracy is an accomplished physiotherapist, practising for over 35 years. His focus is on rehabilitating patients with neurological injuries and disorders such as stroke, spinal cord damage, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Not only does Darryl help others improve their mobility, but he has an intimate understanding of the range of possibilities in bodily movement as an award-winning professional dancer and choreographer. He also teaches anatomy to aspiring dance instructors at Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto. Darryl joins us to discuss his eclectic career and talks about the resilience of the human body.Guest information: Alpha Health Services