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EQUALS Hope Podcast miniseries delving into the clear but complex connections between finance, development, and healthcare.

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  • 1. Episode One – Introducing Sick Development

    In this introductory episode, you will hear shocking stories about impossibly expensive treatment and patients being imprisoned for not paying their bills.You will also learn that even death does not offer an escape for many victims.Featuring an interview with Oxfam’s Anna Marriott, the principal author of The Sick Development report that this podcast series is based on.  

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  • 2. Sick Development Episode 2 - The Key Man

    In this episode, we will dig deeper into how the controversial and unsubstantiated idea that for-profit private healthcare is key to ending health poverty in lower income countries, and how private equity funds became the vehicle of choice for so many government-backed healthcare investments. This episode features Simon Clark, journalist and co-author of The Key Man: The true story of how the global elite was duped by a capitalist fairy tale. Links to additional resources:  Book: The Key ManDocumentary: BBC’s Billion Dollar Downfall.