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The Shit Show

Squish's Last Ep :(

In the week's episode of The Shit Show:

  • The plane that had to be turned around because of a literal shit situation
  • A part of China's Great Wall has been severely damaged by construction workers who wanted a shortcut
  • Wagner (the Russian mercenary group) is set to be proscribed as a terrorist group by the UK government
  • The Proud Boys' former leader has been jailed for 22 years for orchestrating the US Capitol riot
  • The ACT party in New Zealand explained

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  • Rizz, Roblox & Time's Person Of The Year is a Shit Show

    This week on the Shit Show Luce and Squish chat about Rizz winning word of the year, Taylor Swift winning PERSON of the year, a Youtuber who fakes a plane crash, brands creating worlds in Roblox & why are kids crawling through malls?
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    Tech-mogul Bryan Johnson who's undergone shock therapy on his penis to get ‘erections of an 18-year-old’George Santos allegedly spent his campaign funds on Botox and OnlyFansArgentina's news far-right president Javier MileiBinance CEO pleading guilty to money laundering chargesThe crazy week Sam Altman and AI have hadUpdates on Israel-PalestineListen wherever you get your pods!
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    This week Luce and Squish are in the new studio to bring you a LOT of big news. From a shock reappearance in UK politics, to an update in Gaza, to what's going on in Iceland, and how climate change is affecting BEER? Don't worry though, we end on some good news about the 'Attenborough Echidna.' For trusted information on Israel & Palestine and how we can help visit here, and to preorder our book Make It Make Sense, visit here!!!
  • The Wiggles, SBF, & 'Bird Of The Year' is a Shit Show

    This week on the pod: SBF's new guilty charges, treasure found at the bottom of the ocean, why John Oliver is interfering in New Zealand's most important election, a bear talking a train, and much much more very important news. Listen wherever you get your pods! For trusted information on Israel & Palestine and how we can help visit hereTo preorder our book Make It Make Sense, visit here!!!
  • AI is a Shit Show

    Preorder our book Make It Make Sense here!!!This week we've got Squish back on the mic thanks to all of your messages hounding him to make an epic return. AND we've got a bit of an AI special for you! From fake videos of Bella Hadid to an executive order from Joe Biden to try and regulate it, to an advancement in cancer research thanks to the new tech, we give you the low down on what this type of technology means for us and our futures.
  • Toxic Masculinity in Australia & Trans Rights in Japan

    In this week's ep you've just got Luce on the mic! She chats about a new program in Australia to target toxic masculinity online, a step forward for transgender rights in Japan, and how kids are using Roblox to protest! To get Squish to come back on The Shit Show full time DM him on Instagram at @nickblakiston. For trusted information on Israel & Palestine and how we can help visit here. To preorder our book Make It Make Sense, visit here!!!
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