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  • Squish's Last Ep :(

    In the week's episode of The Shit Show:The plane that had to be turned around because of a literal shit situationA part of China's Great Wall has been severely damaged by construction workers who wanted a shortcutWagner (the Russian mercenary group) is set to be proscribed as a terrorist group by the UK governmentThe Proud Boys' former leader has been jailed for 22 years for orchestrating the US Capitol riotThe ACT party in New Zealand explainedLinks, links, LINKS: The Spinoff's Policy GuideAnd go give Nick some love on socials
  • Earworms, Mugshots and Scams

    On today's episode of The Shit Show podcast:All the new and crazy scams we're seeing latelyA woman had a LIVE WORM extracted from her brainThe aftermath of Trump's mugshotThe NZ green party, explainedToday’s sponsored segment was brought to you by our mates at One New Zealand, who are helping New Zealanders stay safe online!!
  • Prigozhin crash, Fukushima splash

    This week on the shit show:Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin was in a plane crash with no survivorsJapan to release treated water from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the oceanThe NZ National party, explainedThank you to Neon for sponsoring this episode of The Shit Show! Sign up for a 7-day free trial and binge their box sets here. Links links LINKS: Nick's tunnel videoNZ Political Part Quiz
  • Zepotha: How Gen Z created an entire fake movie

    This week on The Shit ShowZepotha, explainedAn update on the soldier that crossed the border into North KoreaThe mother of the six-year-old who shot his teacher in Virginia has pleaded guilty to a charge of felony child neglectThe NZ labour party, explained
  • Mushroom Poisoning & Cellphone Bans

    This week on The Shit Show• The Australian mushroom poisoning case that’s got everyone talking• National’s policy on banning cellphones• Zoom requiring people to be in the office• An explainer on load shedding
  • Orbs, Superconductors, & Free Sandwiches for Life!

    This week on The Shit Show:Trader Joe’s Recalls Cookies and Falafel Because They ‘May Contain Rocks’Hangzhou Zoo confirms their Sun bears are real, not humans in disguiseA Kansas farmer surprised his wife by planting 80 acres of sunflowers for their 50th wedding anniversaryExplaining the new charges against TrumpHave you heard of Worldcoin and the ORB?Subway offers free sandwiches for life contest if you legally change your name
  • Elon And His X's

    In today's episode we chat about:The British man who stole hundreds of thousands of Cadbury Creme Eggs and has now been sentenced to 18 months jailThe story behind that Albert Einstein photo where he's poking his tongue outSingapore is executing a woman for first time in almost 20 yearsElon rebranding Twitter to XAmericans leaning into NZ culture by becoming obsessed with real fruit ice creamsTaco John's letting go of their trademark on 'Taco Tuesday's'Come and join our geneva group chat here!
  • Own The Feels: Own The Lessons From Your First Break-up

    Listen to the full episode of Own The Feels on Apple Podcasts here.Or on Spotify here.Welcome back to our last episode of Own The Feels - brought to you in partnership with Love Better - where we’re doing our damnedest to help us break up better - which means owning whatever we’re feeling and learning how to deal with it. This episode was built on all the things YOU’D sent in that you’d learnt from your first break up and all the things WE learnt while helping you own all these confusing feelings.A huge thank you to Love Better, and everyone who gave us their stories to make these podcasts possible. If you want to know more about how to break-up better head to If anything you've heard in this podcast makes you think you should reach out for a little more help, please do!Here are some spots to head to:For peer support: To talk about sexual harm: for other advice on how to deal with a breakup you can email or text lovebetter to 234
  • Neopets & North Korea

    This week Squish and Luce try to track down the person who wrote about her in the bathrooms at her high school, before discussing the soldier who crossed into North Korea, and the Neopets renaissance! Listen wherever you get your pods!Thank you to KidsCan for sponsoring this episode of the Shit Show. For just $15 a month (that’s giving up only three coffees) you can help kids eat, learn, and have the best chance of a bright future. To donate, click here.