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Listen to Your Heart: Lessons from Pocahontas with Paige Easter

Ep. 66

"Love and fear are the driving forces in life. When we lean towards love, listen to our hearts, and take courageous leaps, we contribute to a better reality for everyone. It's about embracing courage and understanding, rather than succumbing to fear," says Paige Easter, Co-host of the Shift to Freedom podcast.

This week, Ben and Paige are digging into their impressions of the beloved Disney classic, Pocahontas! While Ben experiences the movie for the first time, Paige fondly recalls it as a cherished part of her childhood. The hosts explore the film's themes of love and fear, and the thought-provoking interplay of toxic masculinity versus healthy masculinity portrayed through the movie’s supporting characters. While Pocahontas may not boast metaphors like other Disney classics, the hosts celebrate the lessons and insights that Pocahontas imparts about having the courage to follow your heart in the face of adversity, taking the time to truly listen to those you disagree with in order to resolve differences, and generally following your heart’s call.

Key Takeaways:

  • Love and understanding possess the power to conquer fear and turmoil
  • Attentive listening bridges gaps and nurtures connections
  • Choosing the path less traveled, coupled with an adventurous spirit, can lead to genuine personal fulfillment


  • "I think it is a risky path to ride the river that is less known and that is choppier, and that is less smooth. But ultimately, the willingness to embrace courage, and listen and understand things in your world will serve you in the long run and will amount to much more safety than just following the traditional path where you actually still don't know what is around the bend." (25:42 | Ben Easter)
  • "For me, it was all about love and fear and that when you are leaning towards and allowing yourself to want things and listen to your heart that you take courageous leaps in it contributes to a better reality for everybody who's in it - versus being afraid and fearful and ending up (where) people get hurt." (25:37 | Paige Easter)


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