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The One Where She is The Black Fairy Godmother

Season 1, Ep. 8

Fairy Dust Isn't Always Shiny...

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, founded by Simone Gordon, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help Black and Brown marginalized families. Our foundation uses the power of networking, social media, and influence to connect families in need with people that can help.

We have a variety of programs to meet the needs of those who need assistance. Our goal is to not only provide relief but help them to get to a place of stability and equip them with the proper tools and support so they may sustain themselves going forward.

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The One Where Our Teens need Jobs

Season 1, Ep. 12
Vanessa and I have a great conversation about her idea to to start the business CHATBOOKS! She has children ranging for the ages 14-27 so she shares how motherhood has been for her and I beg her for all the advice! I need to listen to her advice in this podcast over and over again every day and possibly tattoo it to my forehead. "We started Chatbooks in 2014 as a small family affair. I didn’t have time to make scrapbooks–or even print photos!–of my seven kids. But I was reminded of how much children love photos of their everyday lives when a preschool teacher gave my youngest son an album of the year. Each night, when I went to tuck him in, he was looking at the photos. I didn’t have time for another project, but I did post photos on Instagram for my family and friends to see. Could I turn those into photo books—automatically? And that’s why my husband, Nate, and I started Chatbooks."VANESSA QUIGLEY, CO-FOUNDEROur Mission is to Strengthen Families“Today, there are more than 135 of us working at Chatbooks, but we’re never going to let ourselves become a faceless big company—no matter how much we grow, we’re determined to “stay small.” We hope you’ll think of us the way we think of you: Not as "a company" and"a bunch of customers”but as real people and individuals.From the part-time, stay-at-home moms and dads all around the country (like Heather in Chicago, Megan in Portland, and Katie in Alaska) who provide customer support, to the hard-working crews in the print shop and our talented software developers, we love building something that matters to you.Our team has been thinking a lot about what motivates us, and it comes down to this:Our mission is to strengthen families.This is really important to us and we hope you can sense it in everything we do. Thank you once again for letting us do this work we love and believe in. It’s a huge privilege and we’re grateful for you everyday."NATE QUIGLEY, CEO & CO-FOUNDERFind out all things about Chatbooks and Vanessa at The MomForce Podcast@vanessaquigleyCHATBOOKS.comUse Code podcast20 for 20% off at〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️

The One Where He Goes from NOBODY to FAMOUS

Season 1, Ep. 11
I had such a fun time chatting with this amazing artist! I am so fascinated by the music industry and I got a peek into what that looks like for AJ Smith! Go listen to his music, it's fantastic! My favorite songs of his are NOBODY and FAMOUS!Denver-born, and recently relocated from NYC to Nashville, AJ Smith’s unconventional path to becoming a pop artist is reflected throughout his music, which has the uncanny ability to evoke a nostalgic desire for dramatic pop of decades past while sounding modern, fresh, and in-the-moment emotional.A flare for the dramatic is likely written into his DNA - AJ’s father ran away and literally joined the circus (as a promoter who was unafraid to step into the ring or even the “Globe of Death” for the sake of the show), while his Great Great Uncle was famed Cuban pianist Ernesto Lecuona, who composed the famed standard “Malagueña”.It's no surprise then, that Smith’s songwriting and performance abilities have earned multiple awards, including the prestigious Abe Olman Scholarship from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and a semi-finalist ranking in the 2020 International Songwriting Contest.Recent highlights include making his national TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson show, consistent airplay on SiriusXM, the cover feature as Performer Magazine’s Artist of the Month, collaborating with Martin Guitar’s launch of a new line of ukuleles (which included teaching a SpaceX astronaut how to play a Black Pumas song in space!)...and stories in American Songwriter, Good Morning America, CBS Radio, Spin Magazine, and more. AJ Smith YOUTUBEAJ Smith FacebookAJ Smith Instagram AJ Smith Website〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️

The One Where She Escapes The CULT Children of God PART TWO

Season 1, Ep. 10
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ Verity speaks of physical, sexual and mental abuse as well as suicide attempts ⚠️I am a survivor who was born into the abusive cult formerly known as The Children Of God (currently known as The Family International) and am seeking justice - Verity CarterWho are the Children of God? The cult rampant with sexual abuse with communes around the world and celebrity members The Children of God sect was founded in 1968 by minister DavidBrandt Berg.Originally known as Teens of Christ, Berg soon changed the name to Children of God in the hopes of appealing to a wider crowd that included vulnerable youths looking for a support and comfort.By targeting these groups, Berg was able to quickly expand his 'religion' and by 1969, he had more than 50 members in his 'family'.Communes were soon set up around the world, with members moving in together to form their own 'families' of Children of God converts - and by 1972, there were 130 'communities' of full-time members around the globe.The Children of God were asked to give up their jobs and devote themselves full time to preaching Berg's teachings and proselytizing for additional members - while Berg himself lived in seclusion, sharing his prophecies through written letters known as 'MO's Letters'.But while on the outside, the group claimed to be spreading the world of God - and of Berg - internally, members were encouraged to partake in incestuous sexual relationships with minors.In 1976, female members began being urged to take part in a practice known as 'flirty fishing', which saw them forced to 'show God's love' by having sexual relations with potential members in order to lure them into the group as full-time converts.Hollywood actors Rose McGowan and Joaquin Phoenix have both shared details of their own early childhood experiences in the sect.Source:TimelineTwitter @VerityCarter22Instagram @verity.carter.22Children of God Survivors @cogtfisurvivorsBring The Family International (aka The Children of God) and Karen Zerby to JusticeSafe Passage FoundationResourcesChildren of The Cult Documentary 〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️