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Season 1, Ep. 8

Fairy Dust Isn't Always Shiny...

The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation, founded by Simone Gordon, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help Black and Brown marginalized families. Our foundation uses the power of networking, social media, and influence to connect families in need with people that can help.

We have a variety of programs to meet the needs of those who need assistance. Our goal is to not only provide relief but help them to get to a place of stability and equip them with the proper tools and support so they may sustain themselves going forward.

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  • 5. Andrew Pledger-Religious Abuse

    Published March 22, 2022 from*Trigger Warning - Topics of depression, trauma, abuse and suicidal ideation) Hello, my name is Andrew Pledger, and this is my story of religious trauma. My story is long and complex which is why I’ve been working on a book. This entry will leave out many details and cover the general overview of my experiences, and help people understand how I got here.   "Religious trauma is similar in symptoms to Complex-PTSD. Symptoms of RT Negative beliefs about others Low self-esteem Struggle with emotional regulation Depression, anxiety, grief, and anger NightmaresDisassociation, flashbacks Lack of pleasureFeeling isolated Feeling empty, lost, or directionless Reduced critical thinking Feeling out of place or like you don’t belong  According to Restoration Counseling, Religious Trauma Syndrome is often caused for several reasons by different people. Many people experience RTS as a result of an authoritarian religion or faith community. Individuals suffering from RTS may be struggling with black-and-white thinking, irrational beliefs, difficulty trusting themselves, low self-esteem, or feeling indebted to a group of people. Skewed views of sex, discipline, emotional regulation, relationships, and self-expression are usually present in toxic religious environments" (Source: Restoration Counseling).- Andrew Pledger(Excerpt taken from AndrewFacebookWebsiteInstagram〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️
  • 5. Life gets Better after Devastating Loss

    I turned to writing after George, my partner of 32 years, died of cancer in April 2013, and I found myself living alone for the first time at age 50.I needed to know I still existed after a year of being his caregiver, watching him disintegrate, feeling deep in my bones that somehow I was failing him. He was in denial so he thought he was going to recover even as his body abandoned him.I couldn’t fix his illness, not could I jolt him into reality, nor get him to agree to palliative care, nor to involve his parents who were going to lose their only child. I thought I was crawling out of my skin. Through grief therapy, I found out I had post-traumatic stress disorder.Over the next few years, I sort of got better, in dribs and drabs, but the loneliness enveloped me. For 32 years, George and I had eaten dinner together almost every night, then curled up in bed to wake up beside each other each morning. I still wonder, where does all that love go? Is it transmuted into protective energy or is it just gone?I was a practicing attorney for over ten years which lends my writing an acrid tone of bitterness and irony. In an effort to work on that, I also earned an MFA in creative nonfiction from Saint Mary’s College of California in May of 2020.My essays have been published in The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column, HuffPost, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Elle Decor, and Reader’s Digest, among other publications. My award-winning blog, dispenses empathy and advice on grief and dating after loss.I’ve been in the California Bay Area since I was six, and currently live in Benicia, CA. I can usually be found walking by the water, on a hiking trail, in a yoga class, or discussing the virtues of cheese with my second life partner, Randal.DebbieFind Debbie here Instagram Website FacebookTikTok〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️LinkTreeInstagram TikTokYouTube Facebook
  • 4. Hospice Nurse Julie

    I am editing this episode as I sit next to my Grandpa’s bedside. He was put on hospice a few days ago. I feel so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to come be with him during his last days on earth. It is absolutely beautiful as I look at his wristband boasting "97 yrs" and think back on how much life he has experienced. It's been emotional but mostly comforting being here with him. He is ready to see Jesus and many loved ones who are waiting for him. When I interviewed Julie I had no idea that within a few months I would be experiencing so many things she talked about. Thank you Julie for preparing me with this podcast episode and your amazing videos without even knowing what you were doing.I love you Grandpa. You were the greatest example of love I have ever witnessed. You will be missed but I'm so happy you will be at peace soon.〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️
  • 3.29. Tyler Measom

    Award-winning filmmaker Tyler Measom specializes in high profile, character-based nonfiction films and series.Measom is the co-director of the hit Netflix series Murder Among the Mormons. He also co-directed the documentaries In The Balance: Ballet’s Lost Year and I Want My MTV (Tribeca, A&E), An Honest Liar (Tribeca, ITVS) and Sons of Perdition (Tribeca, Oprah Documentary Club). He has produced the films TAKE (Tribeca, Showtime), the Showtime doc Jesus Town, USA, and the NYTimes documentary ELDER. Measom is the producer and host of the Webby Award winning documentary podcast Was I In a Cult?Tyler is currently directing the three-part documentary series I Wanna Rock: Chasing the 80’s Metal Dream for Paramount+ and the music documentary Lost and Found for Boardwalk Pictures.Murder Among the MormonsTyler co-directed, with Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), the Netflix true-crime documentary series Murder Among the Mormons. Produced by: Jannat GargiExecutive producer: Joe Berlinger Sons of Perditionfollows three teenage boys after they escape from the secretive FLDS polygamist sect and must fend for themselves in mainstream America.After premiering at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, Sons of Perdition went on to play at over 60 film festivals worldwide and in 20 U.S. theaters. It is part of the OWN Network and is currently on Netflix.Tyler Measom co-directed the film with Jennilyn MertenI Want my MTVco-director, producer, cinematographerI Want My MTV details the implausible genesis of MTV, the rapid rise of the brand, and the global revolution that followed. Features interviews with Sting, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar, Run DMC, Dee Snider, Eurythmics, Tori Amos, Bret Michaels, Norman Lear and many moreThe film had its World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and is playing on A&E.Variety Review - “The first thing you want from a history of  MTV is to get dunked in the hot-but-cool nostalgia of it, and the fast, fleet documentary “I Want My MTV” delivers those 1980s goods about as good as you can get.”Was I in a Cult PodcastHosted by Tyler Measom and Liz Iacuzzi, Was I In A Cult? is a documentary-style podcast showcasing individuals who have been in, and most importantly, successfully left a cult. Told first-hand by the experiencer themself, these are raw, riveting and inspirational tales of what it means to be a survivor.
  • 2.28. HELP me HELP my child!

    I had the most wonderful time chatting with Lori, Katie and Mallory. These ladies have helped me so much and that was only from following their instagram account. I cannot wait for them to start their podcast! It is going to be packed with so much information to consume! Thank you ladies for making my day by spending some time with me! Taken from: The Childhood Collective WebsiteWe are Lori, Katie, & Mallory.Lori (left) and Mallory (right) are both child psychologists and Katie (center) is a speech language pathologist. Most importantly, we are moms, just like you.After working with families over a combined total of 40 years, we saw a need to provide ongoing support and education to parents raising children with ADHD. IT'S A LITTLE BIT OF SCIENCE AND A LOT OF HEARThey there!Most of the time, you have a sweet, happy child with ADHD. But when you tell them "no"… cue the hour-long meltdown! It is exhausting to feel like you are walking on egg shells ALL...THE...TIME.On top of that, you are giving your child one million reminders to do simple tasks... things like taking a shower, getting dressed, and doing homework. And the more you remind, the more frustrated they become!At school, your child is receiving poor grades and discipline referrals, and you are getting constant calls from the teacher about behavior problems. No one seems to know what to do or how to help.Are You Ready to Go From Surviving to Thriving?PARENTING YOUR CHILD WITH ADHDDOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS HARD.Let's get started!Find THE CHILDHOOD COLLECTIVE:Website Instagram BlogFind Shanny Pants
  • 1.27. Rachel Bernstein

    Well Oh My Gosh! What a wonderful conversation I was honored to be a part of. Please don't miss this conversation where I am able to chat with the amazing Cult specialist Rachel Bernstein. So much goodness!!!! And please go subscribe to her podcast RIGHT NOW!!! She has so much to share.Rachel Bernstein, therapist, and world-renowned cult expert shares her story for the first time. Rachel is the host of the “IndoctriNation” podcast. For 30 years, she has helped former cult members and those who have loved ones in cults and highly manipulative relationships. Rachel has helped people from over 300 cults throughout her career. She provides individual counseling, family counseling, and, when possible, group therapy for former cult members. She also helps families trying to reach out to their loved ones in the cult.She has led workshops and classes at USC in the School of Social Work and the Department of Psychiatry, at California State University at Northridge, and at various colleges and universities in the New York area. She is also a yearly presenter at the International Cultic Studies Association conferences and was a guest lecturer for the Clergy Emergency League and Wisconsin Council of Churches. She has presented at the Pacific Rim Conference for people in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and China who are affected by cults and relationships with narcissists, and, with colleagues, developed the program "Stronger After", a free 5-session program for initial support and education for people newly out of highly controlling, abusive, and restrictive environments.Connect with Rachel BernsteinWebsite Her Podcast: Support Her Work: LinktreeInstagram〰️〰️Shanny Pants〰️〰️
  • 26. HACKER update and call for help

    If anyone is super duper smart with techy stuff send me an email if you would like to help. You all are the BEST listeners ever! Thanks for letting me vent. I love you all. Shanny
  • 12.25. MAN I am huge!

    “My story is long and life-changing. I was in my senior year of nursing school, 24 years old, when I told my husband, Dalton, I was ready for a baby. We had been married for almost 3 years and I was about to graduate to work in a field I loved; I thought it was the perfect time. Though it was the perfect time in our lives, there were a lot of other factors to play into this journey. I am a type-1 diabetic, and PCOS runs in my family. I always knew in the back of my mind I had PCOS due to never having a regular period. With these factors being a part of the journey, I spoke with my endocrinologist who referred me to a specialty OBGYN.I went into my appointment hoping maybe I was already pregnant because I had not had a period that month. Labs were run and an ultrasound was done. I was the furthest from pregnant—I was diagnosed with PCOS. With my diagnosis, I was immediately put on Clomid to help with infertility. I was told I ovulated maybe once a year. I thought, ‘Okay, this will help speed up the process. This will be great!’ I took three doses of Clomid before I got a positive pregnancy test, and then I couldn’t believe it so I took many pregnancy tests. I went in around 9 or 10 weeks pregnant. I thought, ‘Man, I am huge, there has to be more than one baby in there.’ Oh, was I in for a surprise…Read full story Here〰️〰️Shanny 👖〰️〰️LinkTreeInstagram TikTokYouTube Facebook
  • 11.24. Sarah Pashniak-Pashionate About Sleep

    I had such an amazing conversation with Sarah. You must listen to this episode if you have toddlers or infants! We talk about mental health and I get some free therapy once again!Bio: Sarah is a busy mom of three who discovered her passion (aka pashion) for sleep when her babies slept like garbage. Sarah has an education degree with a major in psychology. She is also a certified pediatric sleep coach and she works with exhausted parents and helps them get some zzz’s in their life. She knows first hand the impact that a lack of sleep has on the infant/child as well as the parents. Sleep is essential for mental well being and Sarah helps sleep deprived parents get some much needed rest.  From Sarah:I help exhausted and sleep deprived parents give their little ones the precious sleep they need every night. Lack of sleep not only affects the development of our infants and toddlers, it also impacts everyone in the family.  As a mother of twin boys and a little girl, I understand the trickle effect that the lack of sleep has on everyone in the family. After the birth of our twin boys, I struggled with postpartum depression. I felt anxious as a new mother and I began to have difficulty sleeping.When one baby was awake, the other would be asleep. I felt like I was drowning and I was extremely sleep deprived. My husband and I decided to sleep train the boys and I finally began to sleep more!  My babies were well slept and happy. I finally felt like my true self again!"When one baby was awake, the other would be asleep. I felt like I was drowning and I was extremely sleep deprived."Flash forward a few years and we have another baby!  She really struggled with sleep and so both of us ended up being sleep deprived. When she turned 16 weeks old, I hired a sleep consultant and it was a game changer! I felt so motivated to help other families in similar situations. Sleep coaching has been an investment in my children, my family, my mental health, and my marriage. I would love to help you and your family get the sleep you need and deserve!I am Pashionate about how sleep impacted our children’s lives. I am Pashionate about feeling like my true self.I am Pashionate about SLEEP! (Instagram) Shanny PantsInstagram TikTokYouTube Facebook