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The power of passion economy (with Gustaf Lundberg Toresson)

Today we’re joined by special guest Gustaf Lundberg Toresson, serial entrepreneur and founder of the new media company Sequel.

Gustaf recently launched a new interview show featuring some of the world’s biggest personalities within business and culture, including business leader Gary Vaynerchuck, DJs Giolí & Assia, and fashion entrepreneur Matilda Djerf, as well as Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok.

Today we touch upon:

  • What it means to be passion driven in the social media space.
  • What you can learn from some of the biggest personalities in the world.
  • The power of an audience, no matter which industry you come from.
  • Celebrating people who are different, and do unusual stuff.





With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder,

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