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Fredrik Ekström on The New Sustainable Consumer Report

Season 1, Ep. 5

We sit down with our editor-at-large Fredrik Ekström and discuss our latest report ”The New Sustainable Consumer — and her search for truth” which Fredrik is the author of.

Hosted by Konrad Olsson.

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  • 19. Virtual Creativity Live: Gustav Winsth

    We are revisiting a live talk with Gustav Winsth, a furniture designer who is exploring and pushing the boundaries for how to design, using AR and VR technology. In this conversation we talk about: Gustav’s journey from working at truck manufacturer Scania to becoming a leading designer on the Swedish design scene, His collaboration with Alexander LervikHow he is revolutionizing traditional prototyping and sketching processes.And we delve into Winsth's unique aesthetic approachThis conversation was recorded at first edition of Virtual Creatives Live, an event series we are doing in collaboration with Lynk & Co. 
  • 18. How to scale upcyling

    Today we will share insights from our interview series on upcycling, written by Aylin FranzonLessing learned from upcycling brands ILAG, Deadwood and ARVThe challenges and opportunities with upcyclingSpecial guest is Lovisa Nolander, product manager, XV Production, a facility on the west coast of Swede, specialised in upcyclied fashion Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief and Founder of Scandinavian MIND. Johan Magnusson, Senior editor Aylin Franzon, reporter.
  • 17. Natural Beauty Show & Borås Textile Days

    We share our insights from the industry gatherings in Sweden the past week: Natural Beauty Show & Borås Textile Days. From Borås, we share our thoughts on the renewed sense of collaboration in the fashion industry.  From Natural Beauty Show in Malmö, we will hear from participating experts, including: Nina Drake af Hagelsrum, CEO & co-founder, Make NotionOlga Ringquist, co-founder, Oquist CosmeticsPovilas Sugintas, Senior Consultant Beauty & Fashion, Euromonitor InternationalSign up to our
  • 16. Virtual Creativity Live: Katarina Håkansson

    In this episode, we revisit a live talk with Katarina Håkansson, a seasoned makeup artist and 3D animator with extensive experience in the traditional fashion industry in New York and Paris. Katarina's journey from working with top fashion photographers to returning to school for 3D animation, using tools like Meta Human, is explored. She discusses the impact of avatars on identity and beauty standards in virtual worlds, a transition that has earned her a significant social media following. Recorded at the inaugural Virtual Creatives Live event, co-hosted by Lynk & Co in Stockholm, this conversation delves into the intersection of technology and creativity. Join Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief and founder of Scandinavian MIND, for this insightful dialogue with Katarina Håkansson.Sign up to our newsletter:
  • Voices at Fashion X

    After a busy week of visiting shows and panel talks, we circle back to our HQ to summarize Fashion X, the Stockholm ”fashion week” run by the Swedish Fashion Council. We discuss the main takeaways, and share field interviews with the following industry insiders:Chloé Mukai, Senior Programme Officer, at the Ethical Fashion Initiative.Angeline Elfström, Business Development Manager, Oncemore.Isobel Farmiloe, Group Strategy Director, Dazed.With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder, Johan Magnusson, Senior Editor, and Aylin Franzon, Editorial Assistant.
  • Best of: The need for beauty tech

    We give a rundown of Beauty Innovation Talks that we hosted in Stockholm last week, where two live interviews were conducted in front of a live audience.Hear from Selah Rui Li, Founder, Ellure, and Miroslav Slavic, Chairman and Nordic CEO, FOREO, who discuss what new technologies to look out for in the future, and Miikka Mäkiö, Senior Vice President of EMEA, Revieve, and Marcus Fogel, Senior Director Global Digital Services, Oriflame Cosmetics on using data to power a customer-centric approach. These were wide-ranging conversations we we covered a lot of topics, including:The next trends in the beauty industry.Why diagnostics is a keyword to remember.How beauty can move to made-to-order.
  • Fashion’s sustainability insiders

    We revisit the Transformation Conference in Stockholm this autumn, where we held a talk with two of the Nordics’ leading sustainability experts in fashion: Sandra Roos, Vice President Sustainability, Kappahl, and Jessica Cederberg Wodmar, EVP Global Sustainability & CSR, GANT. We talk about:What they are doing to prepare for the new EU legislationTheir view on the extended producer responsibilityThe need for new tech solutionsNewsletter: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief
  • How to build a storytelling brand

    For this special episode of our weekly podcast, we go behind the scenes of Scandinavian MIND Agency. We talk about.The importance of being insights-driven in your communication What brands can do to strengthen their trust and credibility The need for community building and how editorial content can be a driverAnd the story of why we built an agency in the first placeNewsletter: Erik Olofsson Haavikko, creative director, and Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief. 
  • Outdoor’s struggle with sustainability

    We take a look at the outdoor industry and its sustainability challenges — and some recent initiatives and solutions that are trying to address them. On the agenda today:We look at some of the Nordic innovations happening in the industry today.A field report from Gore-Tex laboratory in Germany, to hear more about their bet on durability.We interview Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear, one the Swedish brand’s new circular store in Stockholm.Newsletter: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder and Johan Magnusson, Senior Editor, and Erik Sedin, Junior Editor.