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The brightest minds at For Women in Science Awards

We swung by the For Women in Science awards held in Stockholm on International Women’s Day, to hear about exciting new discoveries in the scientific world. The annual award rewards five eminent women scientists for their contributions to life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science. On today’s episode, we hear from:

  • Kathlén Kohn, assistant professor in mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology and winner of the computer science award.
  • Beatriz Villarroel, an astronomer at Nordita in Stockholm who leads the VASCO (Vanishing & Appearing Sources During a Century of Observations) project.
  • Nina Wormbs, professor in the history of technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

This is season 5, episode 9 of our weekly podcast show on how technology is transforming the creative industries.





With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder, and Johan Magnusson, Senior Digital Editor.

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  • 21. Science-backed beauty and the microbiome

    We are revisiting our Beauty Innovation Talks in Stockholm a few weeks go, where we hosted a great rooster of speakers form the Nordic beauty scene. We hear from:Lucas Nanini, Head of Europe & Asia, The Good FaceJohanna Gillbro, Founder, SkinomeJosefin Liljeteg, Chief Innovation Officer, HardfordLars Fredriksson, CEO & Founder, VersoLeo Salvi, Head of Science, KIND TO BIOMEThese were wide ranging conversations we we covered a lot of topics, including: – The state of science-backed beauty– The new obligations for brands, retailers, and laboratories– The health of the skin microbiome and barrier as key purchasing criteriaHosts: Konrad Olsson, editor-in-chief Johan Magnusson, senior editor