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Can Nothing convert Apple users to Android?

This week we conduct a brand study of Nothing, the newly launched tech brand founded by the Swedish-Chinese super entrepreneur Carl Pei, and the creative juggernaut Jesper Kouthoofd.

  • The brand has an outspoken mission to convert Apple users to Android, can they succeed? We talk about the strength of Apple’s walled garden.
  • What do the design sensibilities of Jesper Kouthoofd and Teenage Engineering mean for the brand? We talk about the Swedish creative powerhouse that was portrayed in Scandinavian MIND issue 3.
  • We look at the brand’s recent launch during London Fashion Week.
  • Plus: we have used the actual product, and give a first-hand review of Nothing’s Phone (1).

Read our interview with Jesper Kouthoofd here.

With: Konrad Olsson, Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Roland Philippe Kretzschmar, Editor-at-Large, and Erik Sedin, Junior Editor.

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