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The Saturday Quiz

Sharing with Hayley and Mandy McElhinney

Season 4, Ep. 44

Hayley and Mandy share a lot. A surname, the same profession and right now they’re sharing the stage in a play that they shared the authorship of. They also seem to share the same voice!

Dirty Birds is playing right now in the Heath Ledger theatre for Black Swan, until Sunday the 10th of December.

Get your tickets here:

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  • 4. Pseudonyms with Laurence Boxhall and William McKenna

    The only other person to have hosted this podcast, William McKenna returns as a guest with Laurence Boxhall. Appearing for possibly the only time together on stage in the play "Milked" at Fortyfive Downstairs, these two show off their knowledge across multiple categories including nineteenth-century physicians, US geography and big land animals.Get tickets to "Milked" here:
  • 3. Panic Hotpants with Michelle Brasier

    This is only the second episode of the podcast with just one guest, but Michelle Brasier has more than enough talent to make up for it.Writer, actor, singer, comedian - you name it, she can do it.She's on here today to promote her show at the Malthouse Outdoor stage "Michelle Brasier Songs with my Friends.If you're in Melbourne tonight, you should go and see it.Get tickets here:
  • 2. Sports with Anthony Taufa and Tristan Black

    Usually, the guests on this show - mostly actors and comedians - tend not to have the answers to the sports questions, since the fields of theatre and sport tend to remain somewhat seperate. However Tristan Black and Anthony Taufa are currently starring in “Alone It Stands” at The Ensemble Theatre.Written by the Irish playwright John Breen, it tells the story of the 1978 Rugby Union match between a tiny team of amateurs from the Munster Rugby club in Limerick up against the all-conquering New Zealand national side the All Blacks. The hilarious, moving and heart-warming play has a cast of six, who take on all 62 roles including players, wives, fans, both coaches and even the team dog. Get your tickets to Alone It Stands here:
  • 1. Groundhog Day with Tim Minchin and Andy Karl

    For the first episode of the fifth season of The Saturday Quiz, we're very lucky to have musical theatre heavyweights Tim Minchin and Andy Karl. Tim has written the songs for the musical Groundhog Day and Andy sings them - day, after day... after day.Get your tickets to Groundhog Day - The Musical here:
  • 48. Season 4 Bonus Episode

    The Saturday Quiz will be back in its regular format for Season 5 next week!Until then, please enjoy these bonus bits that didn't make the cut last year.
  • 47. Season 4 Finale with Kate Jinx, Zoe Coombs Marr, Dave Lawson and Ryan Shelton

    As we do every year, the rules change for the final episode of the season. Now it is a competition and scores are very much kept (poorly)The same core group has returned, Kate Jinx and Zoe Coombs Marr on one team and Dave Lawson is joined this time by Ryan Shelton stepping in for Sarah Snook.There are forty questions to get through, so settle in and enjoy the chaos.Thanks to everyone who has tuned in all year.And thanks to Cindy MacDonald for writing the questions
  • 46. Gold Standard with Kirsty Webeck and Lizzy Hoo

    Two of the nicest people in comedy come together to take on the quiz in this week's episode.Kirsty Webeck and Lizzy Hoo have both been on the podcast before, but this is the first time Kirsty has likened herself to Jennifer Garner or Lizzy has reminisced about Zac Efron in the shower.Sign up to their mailing lists to get details of their gigs here:
  • 45. No Spoilers with Adam Zwar and Luke Arnold

    Adam Zwar and Luke Arnold both star in the Stan series Scrublands. The rural noir mystery about a journalist investigating a spree-killing that isn’t all that it seems. They’re also both authors - Adam's memoir Twelve Summers links the significant moments of his life with the ups and downs of the Australian cricket team and Luke has written a series of books mashing together the fantasy and detective genres.