The Race for the Ring


How To Manifest Your True Love

Season 1, Ep. 40

This episode of 'Race for the Ring' feels like a warm and thoughtful therapy session! Sit down with Mindie as she learns how to manifest desires with Relationship Therapist & Coach, Jaime Bronstein.

From activities that help manifest your dreams to advice on the beginning stages of finding love, episode 40 will keep you engaged from start to finish. In a positive, light hearted, and inspiring conversation, Jaime has many words of wisdom for Mindie and her listeners.

Jaime Bronstein

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Mindie Barnett

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Season 4, Ep. 132
This week on The Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by sex + relationship coach, Catherine Drysdale! In October 2018, Catherine started an Instagram account focused on mental health + mindset, which turned into her becoming certified as a life coach, soon after adding an NLP certification so she could create even more impact for her clients. She then pursued a sex education certification, which turned into shifting her overall focus into sex and relationships, starting the Your Pleasure Path Podcast, gaining 16M+ views on Tiktok, and growing a community of 200k followers who resonate with her message. She teaches about pleasure, intimacy, communication, dating, sex, and more through private coaching, online workshops, group programs, and social media. Catherine believes that everyone is worthy of experiencing pleasure and having loving relationships, and that we all deserve the sex lives of our dreams. Listen closely as she joins our very own, Mindie Barnett, and gives you the tools, resources, and advice on self pleasure in relationships and sex and aging!Follow Catherine Drysdale: TikTok: @iamcatherinedrysdaleInstagram: @iamcatherinedrysdaleWebsite: Your Pleasure Path Podcast - available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and StitcherMindie BarnettWebsite: @mindie.barnettFollow The Race for the Ring PodcastInstagram: @racefortheringpodcast------------------------------------------------Produced and Edited by Danielle Gordon