The Race for the Ring


From Lonely to Loved

Season 3, Ep. 100

This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by relationship coach, attachment theory expert, and creator of the E.S.L. Relationship Method, Dr. Morgan Anderson.

In this episode, Mindie and Dr. Morgan discuss different attachment styles- specifically anxious vs avoidant attachment. In this episode, Dr. Morgan shares how she helps women with her 8 week course, "Empowered. Secure. Love. Program", get off the dating rollercoaster, embrace their self worth, and attract the healthy relationship that they've always wanted; developing a more secure attachment style. Listen closely as Dr. Morgan shares how she paves a clear path to secure attachment and love that lasts. With the science of attachment theory, data from hundreds of clients, and her own experiences, Dr. Morgan can help transform you from lonely, to loved!


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