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Deirdre McCloskey: Economic Development and Love

Season 1, Ep. 3

In this episode, Professor Deirdre McCloskey guests us to talk about a question McCloskey has devoted a great deal of her work: Why some nations are Successful and others Fail. McCloskey will explain to us her answer, which may not be the most convincing for many, but that definitely is the most beautiful and romantic: economic development is not the result of the accumulation of capital, or of exploitation, or of military conquest and colonial oppression, but of ideas and values; and, in particular, of Love. In doing this, McCloskey will defend her view that Economics is not about material or materialism, but it is about ideas. It’s not only about factories, cars, and smartphones, but mostly about what happens between the ears. And even though we will talk a lot about ideas, there will be space for the materialist's most pressing social questions: how to alleviate poverty and tackle inequality?

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