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Francis Fukuyama: The Main Challenges of Current Liberalism

Season 1, Ep. 5

In this episode, Victor will talk to Francis Fukuyama - A professor at Stanford University, political scientist, political economist, and writer who might be most known for his book: The end of History and the Last Man, published in 1992. He has inspired both academics and practitioners all over the world. And since that book, no important world event has been untouched by the idea that we may be experiencing the "end of history" or the triumph of the western model of liberal democracies.

Francis and Victor will talk about the war in Ukraine: is the end of History closer or further away, given conflicts like this one). They will also talk about Francis's more recent books, like "Liberalism and Its Discontents", where he, seen by many of his critics as a "former neocon", is defencing liberalism. In addition, Francis outlines the main challenges current liberalism faces, which he argues come more from inside our societies (like the increasing monopolistic and oligarchic power of some corporations) than from outside enemies. 

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