The Positive Influence

The Positive Influence’s mission is to bring influencers together to talk about the crazy world that is being an “influencer.” We will talk about how they got started, some of the challenges and success they’ve faced, and what their goals are for the future. It’s meant to not only be a helpful resource to anyone in influencer world, but to also help guest connect with their audience even more. A lot of times in the blogger world it can be very competitive. I want this podcast to be a positive space where influencers can share their stories, struggles, and tips and breakdown the idea that we are all in competition with one another.

Chelsea Bancroft

Chelsea is an Austin based travel + lifestyle blogger, photographer, and social media whiz. After working in sales for a big tech company, she decided to leave that world behind and moved to Sydney, Australia. Once there she began writing and sharing her travels on her blog/Instagram to keep up with family and friends, and that how was born! Back in Austin, she now works for a local auto dealership group handling all their social media, branding, partnerships, and events. She still continues to blog about travel (when she can), lifestyle, and Austin, TX!