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Michael Heseltine - Replay

Michael Heseltine is a politician from a different time who’s still completely relevant now. Recorded in 2017, this is an hour in the company of an era-spanning heavyweight.  


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  • Show 334. Kate Fall

    As David Cameron strides the international stage, his former Deputy Chief of Staff reflects on his renaissance and the contrast between him and Rishi Sunak.  Well, not just Rishi Sunak, but all of Cameron's successor's as Prime Minister.  Kate has experienced politics at the highest level and now sits in the Lords. She's a member of the Joint Committee on National Security and she takes us inside the work of the committee, especially exploring our relationship with China. This is a great, entertaining mix of domestic and geopolitics.  Best enjoyed with a whisky or a peppermint tea.  Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 333. Jonny Owen

    Jonny Owen is the great storyteller of our age. His superb new series 'Strike' for BBC Sounds examines the impact of the 1984 Miner's Strike on South Wales and Britain more widely.In the making of it Jonny sat with the politicians who'd made the decisions, the people impacted by them and uncovered truths he was previously unaware of.He also has a fantastic voice.  Listen to Strike: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 332. John O'Farrell

    The author of 'Things Can Only Get Better' gives his take on modern politics, the state of the Labour Party and what it's like making comedy now compared to when he started. John is a successful author, west end playwright and satirist, working on shows like Spitting Image and Have I Got News For You. He also stood for Parliament twice.This is a great chat about politics and comedy from someone who's been on both sides of the fence.  Buy Family Politics here: Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 331. Siobhain McDonagh

    This is a ray of sunshine for the ears. Siobhain isn't just positive, she is inspiringly pragmatic.  A Labour MP since 1 May 1997 and a passionate Blairite, she stayed in the party during its darkest period and is now hopeful of a Labour victory at the next election.  This is about more than politics. It's about life and what it's about.  Siobhain's sister, Margaret, was the General Secretary of the party during its most successful period and is revered across politics. She sadly passed away last year. As well as raising awareness about brain cancer, Siobhain is also raising money for the UCLH Charity.  You can donate here:  Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 330. Stephen Flynn

    The leader of the SNP in Westminster has been an MP less than 5 years and is barely 35 years old. He's not just risen fast, he's done it despite overcoming physical disability from a young age. Passionate and driven, this is a timely chat with a politician at the centre of things in the Commons.After you've listened to the show, this YouTube link will make a lot more sense..Watch Ray McKinnon's hat-trick of free kicks:    Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 329 - Tom Baldwin

    Tom has been at the centre of many projects, most notably The People's Vote campaign and Ed Miliband's leadership.But it's his solo work which is creating the most headlines. He's just written a biography of Keir Starmer, but what more is there to know about a politician in the public eye?Well, it turns out... quite a lotBuy Keir Starmer: The Biography here:    Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 328. Bridget Phillipson

    That's right, it's another brand new shiny episode! And what an episode it is. Bridget Phillipson is one of Labour's brightest stars and is increasingly in the limelight. Despite having been an extra in Byker Grove (if you're under 40, Google it), the spotlight isn't what she's about. This is a fascinating hour with a highly driven politician who may be shyer than some of her peers, but is no less animated about changing the world. Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Show 327. Lee Anderson

    It's a brand new episode! Woohoo! And what a way to come back...Lee Anderson's rise has been meteoric. Just a few years ago he was a local Labour councillor and now he's one of the most recognisable stars of the Tory Party with his own TV show. He's led a fascinating life. A coal miner for 10 years, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 36. Both had a profound effect on him.  This is an in-depth interview with a fascinating politician who's captivated the Tories in a way very few are able to.     Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news   Email the show: 
  • Nicola Sturgeon - Replay

    Four years ago Nicola Sturgeon was the indomitable leader of Scotland. So much has changed since.This interview was recorded at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival. The former First Minister reveals what really happened behind closed doors with Boris Johnson and discusses the economic case for independence. Plus a lot more!Follow @mattforde on Twitter for the latest news Email the show: