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The Plug Podcast: Connecting Content Creators

AI In The Creative Space featuring Stephanie Chlond

Season 1, Ep. 5

This episode is all about artificial intelligence! Simone is The Plug, so she's got her finger on the pulse of everything new, including technology! This week, she taps into the TVC community to get their thoughts on the ride of AI and whether or not it's coming to take our jobs.

Simone also links up with AI filmmaker Stephanie Chlond, who shares details about her career journey and how she harnesses the power of AI for cinema and explores how AI is levelling the playing fields in the creative industries.

We don't just talk about the game; we share it. AI expert Cassie Quarless shares his top five tips on using AI to streamline your work processes.

To close, as usual, the TVC crew show love to the creatives who influence and inspire us all. 

Download the e-book Top AI Tools by Cassie Quarless here.

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  • 8. The Government & The Creative Industries featuring Marcus Ryder MBE

    On 22nd May 2024, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a general election on 4th July 2024. So it's only fitting that Simone comes with the Election Special for this episode! No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, a lot is riding on this election.Simone reached out to members of the TVC family to get their thoughts on what the winning party can do after the election to boost the creative sector.For the featured interview, Simone talks with Marcus Ryder, MBE, CEO of The Film & TV Charity, about the challenges facing the creative sector, potential solutions, and more!Our fellow plugger, Paula Ogun Hector, comes through at the end with her top tips on thriving as a creative when the world is spinning out of control. Oh, you want flowers? You know Simone and her people keep a bouquet close by.Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 7. Music In Film & TV Part 2 featuring Luti Fagbenle

    The music is so nice, we had to cover it twice! Simone is back and plugging into all things content and music again! Of course, we always love to hear from you, so you sent in your thoughts about songs from films and TV shows you love. The TVC community shares their favourite movie soundtracks and TV theme tunes to open things up.In our featured interview, Simone speaks to Director Luti Fagbenle about making his transition from directing music videos to long-form content. Luti's credits include work with Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye West. He's also one of the brains behind Blue Therapy on E4. Luti pulls no punches about his experiences as a Black man in television. Lastly, we spoke to Producer Karen Gabay, who shared her top tips for producing a compelling music documentary. Following a recent Channel 4 report, which states that only 8% of people in the creative industries are from working-class backgrounds, along with the fourth anniversary of George Floyd's murder, we need to talk about diversity and inclusion... AGAIN. For our next debate, please send your voice notes or comments to with your name, title and a comment. We want to hear from as many of you as possible. Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 6. Music In Film & TV Part 1 featuring Daniel Pemberton

    Music is a universal language, and in this episode, we're going to talk up the tings! Are you a music producer or just interested in telling better stories with the help of music? Want to know how to get your foot in the door or, better still, how you get paid? Sit back and relax. This episode is all about music for Film and TV. Simone is the Plug, and she'll connect you.The TVC community shares their favourite movie soundtracks and TV theme tunes to open things up.In our featured interview, Simone speaks to composer and songwriter Daniel Pemberton about his career in scoring music for Film and TV. This man scored the music for Into The Spiderverse, so the levels are high.Lastly, we spoke to US rapper James Gardin about his top tips on how to create songs that brands will love and the whole world can sing.Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 4. Money Matters featuring Eric Collins

    This episode is all about the paper! So, if you want to get your money up – Listen up!  To kick things off, Simone chops it up with the TVC family about what they would do if money were no object. Some of these ideas need to be made one day! If you have big ideas and no budget, tune in as Simone chats with Investment Entrepreneur Eric Collins from Impact X in an exclusive interview. Eric drops many gems about how and why he and his team help creatives from underrepresented groups raise loads of money. Simone is joined by fellow plugger; the Award-winning financial expert Denise Nurse, who shares her top tips for getting your money up and having the right money mindset.Of course, we show love and pay homage by sharing our flowers to the creatives who influence and inspire us. Click here for more information on Eric Collins and Impact X.Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 3. And The Award Goes To... featuring Adjani Salmon

    Awards season is well and truly underway. It seems like there is an award for everything these days. From the Grammys to the Baftas to the MOBOS, winning one of these prestigious awards is every creative’s dream. But do they actually improve careers? We were backstage at the Royal Television Society Awards to hear what the people had to say. For our featured interview, we talk to Adjani Salmon, the Creator and Director of the hit TV show Dreaming Whilst Black, about his life, career and award-winning movements.We also have tips and advice from Dr Tru Powell, a Creative Entrepreneur and Personal Brand Strategist. Tru shares his top tips on how to maximise your chances of winning when submitting yourself or your business for awards.We close with more shout-outs celebrating a few highly talented people making moves across the industry.Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • Breakthrough Leaders 2024: Behind The Scenes

    The TV Collective is delighted to announce the return of the Breakthrough Leaders programme, now in its fourth year. For the first time, this ground-breaking initiative, co-devised by Remy Blumenfeld, will collaborate with industry giants Fremantle, BBC Studios, Prime Video, SKY and ITV Studios. This transformative programme aims to identify and empower 50 exceptional individuals from Global Majority backgrounds who are poised to become the future leaders of the UK TV industry. If you know a future leader, nominate them. If you think you are a future leader, there is no need to self-nominate; just go ahead and apply now!Apply here to be a 2024 Breakthrough Leader!Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 2. The Importance of Resilience featuring Angela Ferreira

    This week's episode opens with a debate about Jeremy Hunt's controversial comments from the Spring 2024 budget regarding the health of the UK TV industry. Hunt said: "We have become Europe's largest film and TV production centre, and at the current rate of expansion, we will be second only to Hollywood globally by the end of 2025". The TV Collective community gets some things off their chests. For our featured interview, we talk to Angela Ferreira, Managing Director at Douglas Road Productions and DEI Ambassador at Banijay UK, about her origin story and how she has navigated her way to the top of the TV world.We also have tips and advice from Sam Bickley; ex-BBC commissioning editor and Freelance Executive Producer, currently working as a Duty of Care Executive in BBC Unscripted. Sam shares her top tips on staying resilient while looking for work during an economic downturn. We close with more shout-outs celebrating fantastic women making moves across the industry. Apply here to be a 2024 Breakthrough Leader!Sign the #OffAirNightmare petition here. Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website
  • 1. Lead Strong & Breakthrough featuring Angela Jain

    In our first episode, we get straight to the real talk with a debate around the future of TV - where it's at, where it's going, and how you can be best placed to achieve your ambitions in this ever-changing world of media. We then speak to Lajaune Lincoln from The Film & TV Charity about what they're doing to help the creatives in the screen industry.For our featured interview, we talk to Angela Jain, Director of Unscripted UK at ITV Studios, about how she has navigated to the top of the TV world.We also have tips and advice from Sam Fray, Talent Development Lead from The Triforce Creative Network, who gives us her top five tips on writing a compelling bio.Apply here to be a 2024 Breakthrough Leader!Sign up here for the Breakthrough Leaders 2024 online open week!Read the Money Matters report by The Film & TV Charity here.Follow the TV CollectiveFacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTubeOfficial website