The People's Scientist

The People's Scientist is a weekly podcast covering the latest scientific findings on Neuroscience, Physiology, and Nutrition. I, your host, Dr. Stephanie Caligiuri, hold a Bachelor and Master degree in Nutritional Science, a PhD in Physiology, and Fellowship in Behavioral Neuroscience. I am currently a Scientist (Research Fellow) at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Every week, I will provide you scientific evidence on important topics pertaining to our brain, body, and nutrition. In the past I have covered intermittent fasting, CRISPR gene editing for cancer therapy, using our own neurobiology to create new habits and break old habits, nicotine and the risk for type 2 diabetes, apple cider vinegar, our diet and depression, bitter tastants as a way to modulate cravings, and far more. Become a part of The People's Scientist Army today by subscribing and becoming more knowledgeable every week.

Dr. Stephanie Caligiuri

Dr. Caligiuri is a passionate neuroscientist, physiologist, and nutritionist. She obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees in Nutritional Science, her PhD in Physiology, and a current fellowship in Behavioral Neuroscience at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. She has more than 30 awards and over 25 peer reviewed publications in some of the world's top journals such as Nature, recognizing her contributions to science.