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The Patient Files

S1EP4 Little Monster

Season 1, Ep. 4

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  • 1. S1EP1 The New Job

    Dr. Charles Talbot arrives at the old office of an old colleague. His new job is far more than he was lead to believe, but perhaps not as bad as a previous patient's job.Patreon:
  • 2. S1EP2 Flecks

    CONTENT WARNINGThis episode contains themes of isolation and depression, lister discretion is advised.Dr. Charles Talbot continues to organize the office. He reads the story of Jessica Hanning, whose life dull routine life changes. Not all change is good however, as Jessica discovers as her life quickly spirals out of control.Patreon:
  • 3. S1EP3 The Stranger

    Some one new comes to the office and quickly becomes part of Talbot's life. A new box is discovered with just as strange writing as the first one.Patreon:
  • 5. S1EP5 Bonds

    Charles and Lucian discover a few new things about the building. Lucian reads a file about a well meaning girl with a unique view on the world.Patreon:
  • 6. S1EP6 More

    Dr. Talbot and Donahue file a mysterious folder just inside the office. They aren't they only people finding mysterious objects, however. The patient, Cody More, finds an opportunity that becomes a curse. Donahue also meets a mysterious man.A lot of mysteries this episode.Patreon:
  • 7. S1EP7 Here to Help

    Lucian continues his talk with H. Grey and meets an energetic new face. Dr. Talbot finds a recording of Dr. Olen and an old patient who has the best intentions but the worst methodsPatreon:
  • 8. S1EP8 Family Matter

    Dr. Talbot and Lucian Donahue enjoy a uneventful day at the office, mostly.The Patient, Payton Hyland, has family over. Her brother has changed since last she saw him.Patreon:
  • 9. S1EP9 Dark Meetings

    Dr. Talbot and Lucian Donahue have a sit down with H. Grey and Eli and strike an odd deal.But first Charles has to listen to a transcript of Roxanne Lawson, who finds herself having to dodge the law, the mob, oh and also she is dead.Patreon: