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  • 3. S2EP3 Orientation

    Both Charles and H. Grey are shown their new responsibilities at Clear Minds. Two new characters enter the stage. But can they be trusted?–CONTENT WARNING–Gun fire and violence. Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon:

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    Hello listeners, patients and/or Clear Minds employees. Quick announcement. Sadly, one of our core performers fell ill. Don’t worry-- they’ll be fine, but this does mean that production was impacted. Now of course, health and safety is a huge focus in the basement, so they have been given plenty of gruel and a blanket. Episode 3 shouldn’t be pushed back too far. We are aiming for a week at most. We appreciate your patience and understanding; however, if you still need your fix, find us on X, and/or discord, and enjoy some Patient Files art. Until next time: stay safe, stay sane.
  • 2. S2EP2 Echoes

    Lucain Donahue continues his search for Dr. Olen. In order to move forward he may have to face truths from the past. –CONTENT WARNING–Feelings of isolation.Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon: from Inky Pawprints:
  • 1. S2EP1 What Lies Beneath

    A fractured group comes to terms with their new surroundings, perhaps ending up in unexpected places. Emotions are raw and truths come to light. However some may be better left buried, far far underground. –CONTENT WARNING–Death, gore, feeling of claustrophobia, and sounds of suffocation.Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon:
  • 29. Season 1 QnA Part 2

    With much delay but with much more love please enjoy season 1 QnA part 2! New cast and new questions.–CONTENT WARNING–Adult language and Themes.Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon:
  • 28. Season 1 Between the Snaps

    Want an even further look behind the curtain? maybe you want in on all the inside jokes.In either case Between the Snaps can give it to you. Enjoy our bloopers. –CONTENT WARNING–Adult language and Themes.Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon:
  • 27. Season 1 QnA Part 1-B

    Come sit down with us as we continue to answer your questions.We had so much fun with this and hope you have just as much fun listening.–CONTENT WARNING–Adult language and suggestive themes.Email: Patientfilespod@gmail.comPatreon: