The Paranoid Strain


The Moon Landing(s)

That’s one small episode for a Jesuit…one giant leap for a podcast feed. Howdy, and welcome to oneathem fun, lighthearted episodes of Ye Olde Paranoid Strain. This one covers the silly, silly idea that we didn’t land on the moon. A bunch of times. But we did.  We could have stopped there, but we think you’ll be glad we didn’t. We also covered a bunch of others moon-related stuff. Where did it come from (both scientist and lunatic versions). What moon hoax was ginned up back in the 19th century about it? What other silly non-landing-related conspiracies do people believe in? We answer all of these and more. This also marks the return of our friendly resident artist and conspiracy-curious friend, WIllem UFO. He doesn’t think we landed on the moon. Will we convince him? I dunno. But he’s fun to talk to anyway. Thanks, as always, for listening. Let us know... (read more at

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