The Paranoid Strain


Qanon: Quick Hit

I know what you’re thinking. This was supposed to be 9/11 Part 2. And don’t worry–it’s still coming. But this super-stupid Qanon thing was just begging for a good ol’ ass-whuppin’, and we decided to oblige. For those of you who’ve somehow missed it, Qanon is a seriously deranged conspiracy theory in which some of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters assert without evidence that he is cooperating with the Mueller investigation, whose real purpose is to take down an international, child sex trafficking ring, among other things. Over the past couple of months, as the chuckleheads who believe this have become more visible at Trump rallies, drawing confused looks from the media–and the non-insane generally, they have moved up our list of must-address topics until we decided to create a whole episode around them in about half the time it normally takes us. If you like this kind of up-to-the-minute... (read more at

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