The Paranoid Strain


Introducing: Stupid Land

I can already hear you: “It’s been two months. Where’s the new episode of our favorite anti-conspiracy theory podcast?” What? We’re not your favorite? You’ve been seeing other anti-conspiracy theory podcasts? How could you? Think of the children. Anyhoo, what we bring to you today is not a new standard-issue episode. In fact, you can think of this as episode 7.5. Mostly because that’s what we’ve called it. And to bring it to you, we’ve partnered with the Chads over at the brand new–as in, so new that it doesn’t technically have a website or any current episodes yet–podcast Stupid Land. This is the first of what will be an ongoing series. Every other month, we will post a new audio…what are we calling these things? Let’s go with “pastiche” based on the previous month’s episode topic. This one, for example, deals with False Flags and Alex Jones. Sort of. Anyway, expect short-form, absurdist... (read more at

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