The Paranoid Strain


Archive: Episode 17, Part 6

Coming into the home stretch, it's part six and seven neck and neck. Seven surges ahead but NO! LOOK AT THAT! Six has come up behind and wins by a nose! And that's the story of how part six of our originally much larger Reality Show part 1 burst into your feed. Better luck next time, seven! This time, we cover some completely nonsensical conjectures about reality, like The Mandela Effect and the Time Cube, explore some real bummer philosophy about the evolution of consciousness, and talk somewhat about that one really good True Detective season. Enjoy. Our podcast plug this week is for Oof, Right in the Childhood!, on the That's Not Canon network. The show, week by week, tackles every single Disney animated film from a historical, narrative, and sociological context. And it's got purty pictures.

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