cover art for Archive--Episode 1, part 2 (plus bonus Rick Perlstein interview)

The Paranoid Strain

Archive--Episode 1, part 2 (plus bonus Rick Perlstein interview)

We're back, just a week(!) later, with the last third of the show's original, 2017 first episode. We could have cut it into two chunks of even length, but that would have split the interview in half, which seemed like a weird thing to do. So rather than give you a ten-minute episode this week, we've also tacked on a fascinating discussion with historian Rick Perlstein, the author of some of the best ever books about this history of the conservative movement. You'll be hearing from him for the rest of the year, especially when we talk about Nixon. Enjoy, and look for the first part of our brand new episode in a couple of weeks.

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  • 12. New! Unidentified--The 66 trillion year-old Shabazz UFO, and the still-unidentified Oumuamua

    As promised, we're finally talking about UFOs in the UFO series. This time, we cover the long-overdue return of the Mother Plane prophesied by the Nation of Islam, as well as the decidedly odd interstellar object discovered back in 2017, that seemed briefly as if it might be a sign of extraterrestrial intelligence, Oumuamua.
  • New! Unidentified--Wait, is Cthulhu just an Ancient Alien?

    On our way out of the ancient aliens door, we explore a few miscellaneous but still really interesting sub-topics, including out-of-place artifacts, the Ancient Aliens TV show and its discontents, and finally a book that suggests, convincingly, that HP Lovecraft's cosmic horrors were a major inspiration for Erich von Daniken's bullshit, and everything that came later. Next time, swear to god, we'll cover a topic that actually isn't ancient aliens. Weird, right?
  • 10. New! Unidentified--Graham Hancock, Ancient Aliens, and the Chad Rogaine Experience

    We discuss the woe-is-me posturing of non-scientist Graham Hancock, and his ludicrous theories about an advanced civilization wiped out by the last ice age, which spread its knowledge far and wide, and thus is responsible for all of the ancient structures we normally credit to people like the Egyptians, the Mayans, etcetera. I should mention we had a strange interference pattern occur during the recording process, but I'm sure nothing untoward, or very Stupid, happened. See you in a couple of weeks.
  • 9. New! Unidentified, Episode 9: Nibiru needs gold--and sperm, for some reason

    This is the end of the Zecharia Sitchin part of this very weird series. But there's still more Ancient Astronauts to come. This time, we learn more about the Annunaki, and how apparently they need human gametes. These Nibiru aliens are straight-up freaks, yo.
  • 8. New! Unidentified, Episode 7: Fear of a 12th planet--Nibiru and the Ancient Astronauts

    We're continuing our tour through the life's work of Zecharia Sitchin, this time exploring in-depth his very strange rendition of the ancient Babylonian Creation myth. According to Zechy, an unknown 12th (Why 12th? It's weird) planet did a bunch of shit to our inner solar system, including creating the Earth and Moon, before retreating back on its 3600 year orbit. And the ancient Mesopotamians learned all about it from their alien, Annunaki overlords. It's a hoot!
  • 7. New! Unidentified, Episode 7: Zecharia Sitchin's made-up Ancient Aliens history

    We finally introduce arguably the second-most-important ancient aliens conspiracy theorist, shipping executive, amateur researcher, and adorable little old man Zecharia Sitchin. He's just as wrong and bull-headed as von Daniken, but we find him both more imaginative and more pleasant than his Swiss rival. Plus, we have an expert, Dr. David Miano, who's ready to shed some much-needed knowledge over Sitchin's nonsense cavalcade. Enjoy!
  • 6. New! Unidentified, Episode 6: It was the Ancient Alien, with the Crystal Skull, in the Metal Library

    Somehow, we're still talking about Ancient Aliens, This time, we're continuing with our examination of Philip Coppens' work in this area. We consider his best arguments for the idea, find them wanting, and then tear apart the crystal skull and metal library nonsense. Come on along. It's a good time. See you in two weeks.
  • 5. New! Unidentified, Episode 5: Do the Ancient Aliens enthusiasts have a point?

    Don't let our title fool you. We haven't gone soft on the horsefeathers that is Ancient Aliens theory. But in this episode, we do find the best, most rigorous book on the topic written by an enthusiast, try to give him the benefit of the doubt, and then realize that his worldview is still fatally flawed. Plus, we talk strawmen versus steelmen arguments. Fun is had by all!
  • 4. New! Unidentified, Episode 4: O-negative blood type? You're probably an Ancient Alien

    Episode 4 is all up in that Basque. Ok, so that joke deson't work. But the episode does! Learn why von Daniken acolyte Nick Redfern is pretty sure the Basque people of Northern Spain and Southern France are totes aliens, you guys. Oh, and if you have a "negative" instead of a "positive" blood type--guess what? You're an ET, too. Come explore this very dumb idea with us.