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Better Than Yesterday: Osher Günsberg

Better Make it Quick: Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Ep. 846

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a brilliant Australian Author, Engineer and Activist.

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  • A podcast pamphlet about addiction (leave in a prominent place to be found by someone you care about.)

    Did you used to do a little but the little wouldn’t do it so the little got more and more? After Diane Young’s brilliant SXSW live episode, Osher puts together a primer on how addictive behaviours can mess up our dopamine to such a point that we’re no longer choosing to use. A helpful listen for those who struggle, or who care about someone who’s struggling. For 12 step meetings if you’re using alcohol look here For support if someone you care about is struggling look here For immediate crisis support contact Lifeline To leave a message and get on the mailing list click go to
  • How addiction impacts others, and what to do about it - Live at SXSW (with Diane Young)

    Addiction is a bastard of a disease. If you have it, you don’t know it. In fact, the number one symptom of addiction is that it convinces you that you aren’t an addict. That’s a terrible thing to get trapped in. And it’s a terrible thing for the people who care about you, because you may not realise it - but your addiction affects them as well as you, and not just because they have to deal with your bullshit. It changes the way they are around others. However, every now and then - addicts have what’s called a ‘moment of clarity’. A moment where they can see what they’re doing, what is happening to them and those around them, and where they’re headed. If you’re lucky - that moment is accompanied by a willingness to do something about it, something to interrupt a cycle of damage and destruction that they otherwise are powerful to interrupt. Those moments don’t last very long, so when they do - what can we do to help the addict in our lives? And what do we need to do to help ourselves? Today Osher welcomes back to the show one of the most important voices in Australia when it comes to the treatment of addiction. Diane Young, a Psychotherapist and Holistic Counsellor who is the Director of Clinical Supervision at South Pacific Private, Australia’s leading treatment centre of addiction, anxiety and depression.
  • “how tall is osher gunsberg?”

    During a meeting with an SEO specialist this week, Osher was shocked that the third most popular search term (after Osher Günsberg and Osher Günsberg wife) was “Osher Günsberg height”. Hundreds of Australians google this every day. More than “Osher Günsberg podcast” (hence the SEO meeting). To finally put all this internet speculation to rest (even though he’s taller than 6’2” on some websites) we present to you the definitive answer to a question which is bothering hundreds of Australians every single day… To get in touch or confirm this figure head to
  • Responding with kindness in the face of aggression (even when you’re getting screamed at)

    Osher’s conversation with Nazeem Hussain got him thinking about how responding to aggression with kindness can drastically change the outcome of an interaction. But how can we assert ourselves, communicate our boundaries and still show grace and understanding in the face of rage? Let Osher know your thoughts, leave a voice mail or use the contact form, and get on the mailing list at Find OG on Instagram here
  • Responding to racism with peace, fasting as a form of devotion and the catharsis of comedy with Nazeem Hussain

    Laughing with people feels so good. In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about using comedy to change people’s minds. It is easy to forget how cathartic comedy can be. Nazeem Hussain is one of Australia’s most beloved comedians.Osher and Nazeem caught up while they were both performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April. Nazeem was fasting at the time and so they discuss how fasting can be a form of devotion, how responding to racism with peace has unexpected effects and Australian comedy.Leave a voicemail at Better Than Yesterday: Osher GünsbergAlso go there to get on the mailing list, to get in touch and to listen to every episode ever.
  • To Not Do List

    In this episode, Osher talks about how in times of stress his “to do” list grows from an achievable series of tasks into an overwhelming mountain of improbable, high-stakes ideas.Perhaps you can relate?As the list gets longer, the stress mounts, the distraction gets worse, the quality of work plummets, your effective ability to complete any of those tasks dwindles and then you start to put other things on the list that make up for the things you’ve now missed on the list.‌Thankfully there’s a way around this.The “To NOT do list”.Enjoy writing yours.‌Take the time to figure out your personal values with a test like this one‌To leave a voicemail, get in touch and get every episode ever head to
  • Struggling to get stuff done? Same here!

    Sometimes without realising it, we lapse back into old behaviours.Sometimes we’re hot and we’re cold.Getting dressed to do a workout and returning emails instead.Arriving late to an event with no clear reason as to why.Behaviours we’ve worked hard to change, sometimes rear their ugly heads.This is what happens when choices we make in a hot state (In the heat of the moment) differ from intentions we have in a cold state (when we are able to reflect on the alignment of our actions and our values).It’s when we’re in a hot state that we make poor decisions that often lead to shame spirals, frustration or negative outcomes.Osher reflects on making choices when we’re in cold states in the hope that we can stay on track and choose things more in alignment with our original intention. For previous episodes, to get on the mailing list and to get in touch, go to oshergunsberg.comIf you want to you can drop G a DM hereWatch full guest episodes on YouTube here
  • The dignity of cleanliness, Orange Sky friends and understanding homelessness with Nic Marchesi

    We take our daily showers for granted. Orange Sky co-founder Nic Marchesi created a mobile laundry and shower for homeless people. The initial idea was to help people experience the dignity of cleanliness and make things just that little bit easier. But what happened while everyone’s belongings were being washed was arguably even more important.Orange Sky have created a new podcast called ‘The F Word’. Each episode shares real-life experiences of people experiencing homelessness and hardship, along with the perspectives of Orange Sky’s dedicated volunteers. You’ll hear about the origins of Orange Sky and meet their very first “friend,” learning how simple conversations and clean clothes can restore dignity and hope.Osher and Nic discuss the misconceptions about experiencing homelessness and hardship, the importance of chatting to people and the inherent dignity of being clean.Leave a voicemail at Better Than Yesterday: Osher GünsbergAlso go there to get on the mailing list, to get in touch and to listen to every episode ever.
  • Embrace the discomfort of change while traveling at 230kms per second

    To resist change is to resist the very nature of the universe that we are living in. We are moving through space at 230 kilometres per second, change is the only constant in our lives. And yet, when things alter or become different, most of us struggle.Today, Osher will explore ways to not only embrace change, but celebrate it. Remembering that we are moving through space at all times, can help our problems feel a lot less challenging and a lot more manageable.For previous episodes, to get on the mailing list and to get in touch, go to oshergunsberg.comIf you want to you can drop G a DM hereWatch full guest episodes on YouTube here