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Ep. 777

Dr Ian Chung has been practising for nearly fifty years in Sydney, Australia.


We’ll get into his story shortly - however, he made a name for himself as "Dr Rock”, the doctor to call when you have a major international performer that can’t make the show and there are 20,000 people who have bought tickets and are on the way to the gig as you speak. That’s when you called Dr Chung. 

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know how I came to meet him - but I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. 

Not only was he and the first doctor to diagnose me with social phobia (which was the first time everything started to make sense) but he was the first doctor that I saw about my head that taught me real skills to deal with what was happening rather than just talk about it. 

I’ll never forget when Dr Chung got angry at me when I told him I’d rather have a few beers to calm down my anxiety than take antidepressants, and it was his anger and frustration that shook me out of my stubbornness and lead me to take those meds - which not only gave me incredible relief but made me lament refusing them when I was first offered them nearly ten years beforehand. 

A quick note - just because Ian helped me, doesn’t mean he’s the only person who can help. 

I’ve had many doctors since Ian and they’ve all helped me get where I am and stay where I am today - he’s just the one who set the standard to which I held all other doctors accountable to. 

There are many, many excellent doctors who can help you if you need help. It’s important to allow time to find them. You might not click straight away, it might not work for you, that’s ok - they’ll work for someone else and that’s fine. 

It’s important to keep trying, keep trying to find the doctor that you click with, one you can trust, one that makes you want to do what they tell you to do. 

Because if you’re at the point where you're seeing a Dr, you’re at the point where your ideas have run out of usefulness. So be quiet, listen to what they tell you to do, and do it. 

And it was in doing what I was told by Doctors that helped me get to a place where I’m a lot healthier than where I once was.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Dr Chung changed my life - and I am so very grateful that you now get the chance to hear the story of this incredible man. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr Ian Chung. 

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