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Better Than Yesterday: Osher Günsberg

445: Reckoning with our History so we can Move Forward as One, with Yvonne Weldon

Ep. 680

Yvonne Weldon is a proud Waradjuri woman born into a family legendary in the fight to achieve justice for Aboriginal people. With 30 years' experience working in key government and Aboriginal organisations driving positive reform in health, education and child protection she is is an independent councillor for the City of Sydney and is the first Aboriginal councillor in the City's 180-year history.

On top of her work with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land council and Domestic Violence NSW - Yvonne has somehow found time to write a novel.

67 Days is a beautiful yet powerful story about first love, culture and belief infused with Wiradjuri dreaming.

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  • Whoever said curiosity killed the cat probably just wanted to control cats.

    Inspired by an early morning, bicycle-bound hunt through his neighbourhood with Wolfgang as they searched for a noisy jackhammer, Osher talks about the transformative power of curiosity. Drawing on examples from his own life, and discussing how curiosity can transform a situation, a relationship, or even ourselves. What do you think? Leave a comment or DM on insta @osher_gunsbergGet on the mailing list hereTo support the show, simply share it, subscribe, review and rate wherever you can.
  • Burpees for the brain. This is the most impactful exercise I use to improve my mental fitness.

    Burpees.You hate themI hate themWhy? Because they are pretty much the best whole-body exercise you can do in a confined space. If you had to pick on exercise to do for the rest of your life, bang-for-buck - it's probably the burpee.But what about keeping your mind fit?In this episode Osher offers up a technique to train the observing mind to get more involved, more often.It's simple to learn, and can have profound impacts on how we react to things.What do you think? Drop a DM hereGet on the mailing list here
  • The importance of creating a village around you, ft Gus Worland.

    How many people are in your village?It might sound like a silly question - as not many of us live in villages anymore, yet for the vast majority of our evolution - we lived in communities that we depended on for support and care, and communities that depended on us. Community-driven purpose was baked into our way of living and as our brains and bodies evolved expecting these things.Without that support or purpose, things can get out of balance.Osher is joined by broadcaster and the founder of Gotcha4Life, Gus Worland. He has dedicated his career to helping people, mostly men - actively work on building that village. He never intended to do it, however when he got the call, Gus went all in.
  • Talking through a way of dealing with the horrors of April 13th

    In this open and honest episode, Osher talks through dealing with the horrific events of Saturday Afternoon. Sometimes it's useful to hear how other people process things, and this episode features three powerful techniques he's using to keep the PTSD from flaring up again. Mailing list at Leave a comemnt or drop a DM on Insta
  • It's not all good, but it's not all bad. A way to handle the avalanche of a news feed

    Today Osher reflects on what he learned from this week's conversation with Sylvia Jefferys. In particular, two powerful lessons; learning from a job as another way to get value other than a pay packet, and helpful ways to think about the world when our newsfeeds are an avalanche of sadness and woe. Mailing list at oshergunberg.comFeedback? Drop a DM here
  • The Juggle and The Guilt (aka balancing kids and a career) with Sylvia Jefferies

    Today Osher speaks with Sylvia Jefferies, an incredibly accomplished journalist and presenter, originally from Brisbane Australia.Sylvia has a matter-of-fact, get-after-it vibe about her which makes the career success she’s had make perfect sense.Sylvia is very open about how she juggles family life and home life, also how she has found particularly interesting ways to deliberately work emotional regulation into her day so she’s able to go back home to her kids after a day exposing herself to the unedited grim realities of the world.‌What did you think of this episode?Leave a comment on insta @osher_gunsbergGet on the mailing list here
  • How I can swing for the fences because my wife passes me the bat (and I do my best to do the same)

    Osher brings a slightly late (sorry about that) monologue reflecting on the 2nd season of NTNNNNN at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Reflections on ego, fear, swinging for the fences, and how supporting your partner is an act of love.
  • Who will sing the songs of our people if musicians can't make a living?

    Who is going to write the next Aussie Anthem if there's nobody making enough money to do it? Osher reflects on his conversation with Angie McMahon and the recent news that half of Australian musicians earn less than 15% of the minimum wage. There's a massive cultural risk that we're facing. Something has to change. Final Melbourne shows this weekend - did you think of this episode? Leave a comment on insta @osher_gunsbergGet on the mailing list
  • 936. Music, Exercise and Mental Health (with Angie McMahon)

    Would you believe that a conversation with a singer-songwriter will change how you think about exercise? In this ep Osher chats with singer-songwriter Angie McMahon about exercise, minding her mental health, overcoming fear of performing, and assessing her relationship with alcohol. ‌ Check out Angie on tour:  Home - Angie McMahon Get tickets to the last few MICF shows:  Osher Günsberg - NTNNNNN | Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2024 If you enjoyed this, you might like our ep with Melissa Etheridge:  519: Melissa Etheridge on grief, connection and redemption Get on the mailing list:  Osher Günsberg - Better Than Yesterday Podcast | Linktree