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  • 6. Exploring Ecclesiastes - Work, Labour and Toil

    W M Henry interviews Sylvia and Michael Penny to discuss work, labour and toil. Is work a necessary evil? Remember … Adam was told to work in Eden even before the Fall, although afterwards it was going to be harder so … Is work a good thing? A gift from God?

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  • 5. Exploring Ecclesiastes – Money, Wealth and Riches

    So what does Ecclesiastes say about money, wealth and riches? What are the advantages of wealth? And what are the disadvantages of having riches? In fact … are there any disadvantages? W M Henry interviews Sylvia and Michael Penny to discuss a subject which is very pertinent to the relatively affluent society in which we live.
  • 4. Exploring Ecclesiastes – The Good, the Better and the Best in Ecclesiastes

    W M Henry interviews Sylvia and Michael Penny as they discuss what Ecclesiastes says about what is ‘good’ and what is ‘better’. Although Solomon never uses the word ‘best’, there are some things of which he says ’there is nothing better’. So … what is good? What is better? And what is best?
  • 3. Exploring Ecclesiastes – Time and Eternity in Ecclesiastes

    Michael and Sylvia Penny, together with W M Henry, discuss the different ways in which Solomon uses the word ‘time’ and explore what he meant when he said that God “had set eternity in the human heart”.
  • 2. Exploring Ecclesiastes – The Purpose of Ecclesiastes and “What is Good?”

    W M Henry interviews Michael and Sylvia Penny first to discuss Solomon’s purpose in writing Ecclesiastes, and then to ascertain what Solomon considers to be ‘good’ in this life.
  • 1. Exploring Ecclesiastes – Who is the Author and What is vanity?

    An interesting discussion on the pros and cons of Solomon being the author, followed by another one on the Hebrew word ‘hevel’, often translated ‘vanity’ or ‘meaningless’ but its root meaning is to do with things being ‘transient’ or ‘temporary’ or ‘passing’.
  • 13. Looking into Luke - The Resurrection and Ascension

    Understandably things were rather chaotic the morning Jesus rose from the dead, and the Gospels reflect this. So … to whom did Jesus appear and when? It is quite difficult to put all His appearances in order. However, He appeared so many times to so many people, that there can be no doubt about it … Christ has risen!