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01x05 Swedish Summer Secrets - some of nature's delights

Season 1, Ep. 6

It's officially Summer and time to get thinking about your Swedish summer destinations during this precious, short-lived but beautiful season!

Sheona shares some of the top destinations around Sweden that are perfect for summer, so you can add them to your list!

Places mentioned:

Västkusten - or The West Coast, including Smögen, Tjörn, Klädesholmen, Falkenberg and Marstrad.

Österlen and the beaches Stenshuvud Nationalpark and Sandhammaren.



Högakusten, with hikes including Skuleberget and Slåttdalsskrevan

Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise.

Stockholm Archipelago.

We meet fellow Newbie Alexandra, who hosts her own spiritually minded kayaking and walking experiences in the Stockholm Archipelago - she's also lived in a cabin in the woods by herself for 7 years!! She's a beautiful soul.

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Alexandra's Instagram: @naturespiritsweden

Alexandra's Airbnb link to her tours: HERE!

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