The Moon Under Water


Katie Thistleton - The Dog and Katie (Part 1)

Season 1, Ep. 98

"You're listening to the Official Pint Charts, and soon we're going to be revealing this week's number one pint. Guinness is going strong and is on course to make the top five for the thousandth week in a row, Harvey's Best could be re-entering the top 10... and will Apple Sourz top the charts for the first time? Keep listening to find out!"

No, The Moon Under Water hasn't turned into a mystical version of Radio 1; but that's just an example of what you'd hear should we start presenting our own chart show every week. If we were ever going to then now would be the perfect time, because we're about to be joined by pure radio royalty... Radio 1's very own Katie Thistleton! 

Katie can be heard every week on Radio 1 presenting both solo and alongside Vick Hope... and those of you who grew up with CBBC will know her as a close companion of Hacker T Dog! Not only is she a talented broadcaster, she's also a thoroughly good egg with a passion for pubs that has been passed down through generations. So tune your radio sets to "ale" and settle in.

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