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Cities & the Internet of Nature, with Nadina Galle & Sophie Nitoslawski

Ep. 7

This week's episode explores the promises of improved stewardship of the urban canopy using cutting edge technology. I was joined by Nadina Galle, PhD candidate in Ecological Engineering and CEO & Co-Founder of Green City Watch, a geospatial AI firm and Sophie Nitoslawski PhD student at UBC and Research Director at the Internet of Nature.

Nadina & Sophie's Internet of Nature startup seeks to overcome the urban fragmentation of mycorrhizal networks which have kept trees healthy and connected for millions of years. Their Internet of Nature start-up is a multi-city venture which incubates and deploys a network of sensors, algorithms and other tech tools to bridge the gap between increasing smart infrastructure and the need for increasingly robust green infrastructure. Extending and deepening the conversation I had with Cecil Konijnendijk, Nadina & Sophie covered:

  • Why cities are so stressful for trees
  • The role of emerging technology in improving tree health, and the aims of The Internet of Nature
  • Why the value of trees goes UP over time
  • Why experts should be leading on tree planting drives, and what can go wrong when they aren't
  • Improving data sets: the pressing need for tree inventories
  • Why mid-size cities are often better innovators
  • How climate change is impacting city tree strategies

Their diverse work is housed at the new website -

Nadina's TedTalk can be seen here

Nadina and Sophie will be presenting a keynote presentation at the 4th Trees, People & The Built Environment conference (Birmingham, UK) - tickets available here




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