The Love Life


Your Questions Answered..

Season 1, Ep. 5

"In this special episode Tracy and Annie answer YOUR questions about love in this lockdown.

Last week Annie stuck up a question box on her Insta stories asking you what you wanted us to discuss and there were so many responses! Thank you. There were questions about how can you meet someone within 5km restrictions .. how to maintain long distance love, and what does it mean if your partner wants to take a break. We also normalise the real life struggles when you're in your partner's face and in your own face. Love in lockdown is not just about intimate partner love and in this episode we touch on some of the ways we can self-love in difficult times and why it's essential.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, if we didn't answer yours this episode it's not because it is any less important than the ones we chose, it's completely the opposite, we have them pinned for future episodes.

As always, if you enjoyed this episode and think a friend or family member could benefit from hearing it, please share and talk about what resonates with you - if not with another person, with us. One of our goals with this podcast is to tackle the stigma and debunk some of the damaging myths in love - we can achieve this by talking about our struggles (one by one), rather than keeping them hidden.

We would also love it if you could take a minute to rate, review and/or subscribe to the podcast as it really helps to spread the word and normalise how we can all struggle in love and how we are not alone. If you have already done this, amazing and thank you for your support."

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