The Love Life


Toxic Love

Season 1, Ep. 6

"Are you attracted to fu*kboys/fu*kgals or emotional unavailability? If this isn't you, I'll bet you have a friend or someone in your family who seems to be 'hooked' on partners who treat them poorly.

In this episode we unpack some of the reasons why this can occur and we also look at ways you can overcome toxic love. 

We touch on the topic of narcissistic abuse and urge anybody who is a part of this dynamic to reach out and find tailored support. Women's Aid is a national organisation in Ireland dedicated to supporting domestic violence (to include emotional abuse/coercive control) for women and children. Their 24-hour helpline number is 1800 341 900. Men's Aid Ireland is the only dedicated support group for male survivors of domestic abuse (to include emotional abuse/coercive control) and their contact number is 01-5543811.

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