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UNOSQUARE AND STARBUCKS: Developing a good workplace culture

Season 4, Ep. 6

This month our host Sarah Travers is joined by Giancarlo di Vece, President and CEO of Unosquare and Jonny Jacobs, Finance Director at Starbucks EMEA and One Young World Ambassador.


In this episode, Sarah and her guests discuss how businesses can develop a people-first approach, ensuring their businesses can attract and retain talent. The conversation includes a discussion around mental health, how this has been a more open issue in the workplace and how individuals and employers can find ways to address mental health in the workplace.


We also ask our guests about their career journey to date, how they use their leadership position in a responsible way, and ask how young leaders can really define the future of business, no matter what their background or upbringing. Find out by listening to the latest episode of The Lens with Unsquare's Giancarlo di Vece and Jonny Jacobs from Starbucks.

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