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Snap Inc: Technology for good? Using AI, AR and data insight for the benefit of people

Season 5, Ep. 1

This month our host Sarah Travers is joined by Claire Valoti, Vice President, EMEA Snap and Morgan Hewett, Co-Founder and CEO, Options MD.


In this episode, Sarah and her guests explore responsible digital innovation. We’ll look at how a business than runs one of the biggest social media platforms – Snapchat – is empowering people to express themselves, how it takes its responsibility seriously in developing and delivering a digital resource used by more than 200 million people across the world.


We’ll also see how one of our guests developed her digital business based on her family’s experience of mental health and discover just how necessary digital innovation is in this space.


Find out by listening to the latest episode of The Lens with Snap Inc's Claire Valoti and Morgan Hewett, Co-Founder and CEO, Options MD.

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