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EASYJET: An ever-changing people landscape in a digital world

Season 5, Ep. 3

This month our host Sarah Travers is joined by Ella Bennett, Group People Director at easyJet Airline Company Limited and Leonard How, Vice President, Digitisation & Product Transformation at Citi Commercial Bank Asia-Pacific.


In this episode, Sarah and her guests discuss how businesses can act responsibly in an ever-changing people landscape, and how digital is transforming products, processes and people management.

We’ll see how easyJet is emerging through the pandemic, how it is managing its business through the current challenges and taking actions that are leading to major changes to the airline’s structure to position easyJet for recovery.


We’ll also meet our Hong Kong-based guest who is driving Citi’s digital transformation of its commercial bank segment in Asia – and how digitisation is impacting the way banks approach client delivery today.

Find out by listening to the latest episode of The Lens with easyJet’s Ella Bennett and Leonard How from Citi Commercial Bank.

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