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BONUS EPISODE: The Best of The Lens Season 3

Season 3, Ep. 14

What a year it's been!

Many thanks to all our listeners all over the world, to Fujitsu and McCann for their generous support of this podcast, to One Young World, to our Business In The Community member companies and of course, to our inspiring guests: the senior and future leaders making the world of business more responsible, illuminating new perspectives and leading by example.

Thank you for listening and tune in for Season 4.

Our Guests 

Ann Pickering, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief of Staff, O2 on returning to work: interview tips, authentic support and what inclusion really looks like.

Olivia Cramer, Deal Crafter, The Craftory discusses challenger brands, rebellious entrepreneurs, green energy and cause-driven business. 

Jan Gooding, Chair, Stonewall talks about community, communication and inclusion in these uncertain times

Joe Gilbert, Cloud Native Engineer, Fujitsu explains how to be a better ally and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on his own life, as well as those of colleagues and friends.

Dr Siobhan Gardiner, Climate Change and Environmental Lead, Deloitte explores the future of plastic and her mission to bring the value of science to those who need it most.

Carlotta Giacché, Associate, Coordinating Ambassador UK, One Young World on risk, opportunity and sustainable finance

Sheree Atcheson, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Monzo Bank explains how transparency and connectivity play a key role in diversity and inclusion.

Steve Murrells, Chief Executive, The Co-op on business with purpose and what it means to be a social enterprise

Emily Rose Jenkins, Geotechnical Engineer, Transport for Wales on the future of housing, the future of travel, and how the two might combine

Claudio Gienal, CEO, AXA UK and Ireland talks about how cutting edge technology connects with tough business problems, how to make any business more innovative and how the future of healthcare will involve new forms of collaboration.

Ivan Kayima, CEO and Founder, Spiela on mentoring, taking risks and equality

Anne Boden, Founder and CEO, Starling Bank on why standing for something is integral to business success, the difference between for-profit and profit-driven and using technology for good.

Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive, Translink on the role of transport in building a cleaner and greener economy, infrastructure and future

The Lens Podcast

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Each episode brings together a business and future leader to foster disruptive conversations and fresh connections. Innovators and CEOs join Oli Barrett in the studio for a unique conversation covering their journeys, lessons learned, advice, insight and of course, the inspirational person they’d most like to meet for coffee. 

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