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Why Operating Like a Business Grew This Firm by 369% in 3 Years with Kevin Brick

Ep. 148

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There are lawyers, and then there are businesses that sell legal services…

But why does that distinction matter?

Because a lot of firms who forget about the business side fall short on business processes.

Being a lawyer is certainly more stressful if you’re in a law firm that doesn’t run efficiently…

Being the greatest attorney in the world doesn’t mean that you can run a firm successfully because business is an entirely different skillset on its own.

You owe it to your clients and employees to make sure things are operational and smooth…

So what steps can you take to keep the business side of your firm running smoothly?

In this week’s podcast, Kevin Brick discusses how to succeed in marketing areas that other firms seem to have less fortune in and where attorneys benefit from focusing most of their efforts.

There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm like a business, so tune in now!

In this episode: 

  • 1:13 - Running the business as a business
  • 1:49 - What a firm looks like from the ground level without business processes
  • 3:35 - Things Kevin prioritized when he began his firm
  • 5:13 - How Kevin thought about expanding as time went on
  • 8:33 - Traits Kevin looks for in new hires
  • 10:17 - When did the firm’s mission statement become clear?
  • 12:46 - Things Kevin took off his plate as he became a Managing Partner
  • 17:09 - Major platforms and software being used for operations
  • 19:45 - Very targeted and purposeful marketing
  • 25:40 - Common pitfalls that keep businesses small
  • 28:05 - What keeps Kevin going as he scales
  • 29:29 - KPIs Kevin’s firm focuses on
  • 32:53 - What’s next for Kevin’s law firm?

About Kevin Brick:

Kevin is the founder and managing partner of Brick Business Law, P.A. He serves as outside general counsel to numerous local and national businesses and litigates business-related issues.

Kevin is recognized by the Florida Bar as a board-certified expert in business litigation. The Florida Bar rigorously evaluates the experience and competency of attorneys to determine board eligibility. There are less than 250 board-certified attorneys in business litigation out of over 100,000 members of the Florida Bar.

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