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How Updating Your Tech Stack Can Boost Your Firm’s Operations and Productivity with Sean Dillman

Ep. 109

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Your firm probably needs a tech stack update - whether you know it or not. Many law firms that would benefit from better technology don’t realize they have a problem...

But the fact is ignoring advances in technology is no longer an option for attorneys (or really anyone) anymore. 

Sean Dillman has always loved working with computers. After graduating from law school, he worked at 4 different law firms and frequently fielded questions from coworkers, paralegals and other lawyers about the way he used his office technology.

After working various legal jobs and perfecting the tech at his own law firm, Sean increasingly saw how law firm operations would benefit from better tech. And when the pandemic exacerbated this problem last year, Sean decided to stop practicing law and switch focus.

In this week’s podcast, Sean Dillman of Wayworth joins us to talk about how getting the right technology in place can be a game changer for your practice. 

Sean discusses the importance of cloud computing and integrating processes within a law firm, as well as how to set up a better work space.

There’s much more to learn in this episode about scaling your firm, so tune in now!

About Sean Dillman:

Sean Dillman is a non-practicing lawyer, technology instructor, and videographer. In his most recent role as a lawyer, he was a co-managing partner of a law firm and practiced mainly in the areas of estate and incapacity planning, estate administration, real estate, and company and corporate law. Mr. Dillman has produced a course for the legal community which teaches technology-based practice management and productivity skills. Because he understands what legal professionals want and need, the goal of his work is to provide practical and accessible information that can be put into immediate use. His materials cover two broad subjects, computer hardware and software, and are accredited by numerous law societies and bars.

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