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Breaking the Burnout Cycle with Dr. Sharon Grossman

Ep. 88
Breaking the Burnout Cycle with Dr. Sharon Grossman

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Sometimes it feels like work just keeps going and going.

Our homes are now our offices, and working from home means mentally we’re always at work.

So, if you found the past year particularly stressful - you’re not alone. 

Google has seen a sharp rise in the search term ‘burnout’ as many of us are struggling to cope with our usual work responsibilities amidst a pandemic, among other things.

It’s probably no surprise that this risk of burnout is particularly high among lawyers…

Working long hours and working in high-pressure situations often equates to chronic stress.

With enough chronic stress, attorneys are left feeling overworked and tired.

Struggling to focus while carrying the heavy burden of mental exhaustion.

So they work more hours to get everything done, which just leads them further down the burnout cycle…  

Again and again.

But what if you could break the burnout cycle without quitting or changing jobs?

Today, psychologist Dr. Sharon Grossman joins us to talk about how stress manifests itself into burnout and explores how to identify burnout from symptoms.

In this value-packed episode, Dr. Grossman talks us through the stages of burnout and explains how she uses mindfulness to help her clients escape the burnout trap. 

About Dr. Sharon Grossman:

Dr. Sharon Grossman is a Licensed Psychologist, Coach, and Speaker who specializes in working with lawyers, medical doctors, and other professionals in high-pressure careers.

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