The Latitude Lifestyle Podcast

  • 5. Art Podcast - Paul Senyol

    Join us on the latest episode of the Latitude Art Podcast hosted by Natasha Norman, featuring the captivating artist Paul Senyol. We delve deep into the hidden layers of city life, exploring the complexities of street art, public spaces, and the ever-evolving canvas of urban landscapes. Discover the beauty amidst decay, the push-pull of gentrification, and the soulful artistry woven into the city's fabric.Natasha Norman: Senyol: Artistry by Tina Le Cordeur: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 4. Art Podcast - Amber Moir

    In our latest Latitude Art Podcast episode hosted by Natasha Norman, we unravel the enigmatic printmaking process with the remarkable artist Amber Moir. Her art is a beautiful dance between the ordinary and the extraordinary, where she combines nature and human creativity. She shares her insights of creating depth through a delicate balance of technique and serendipity. Discover how she harnesses these elements to create stunning pieces that bridge the gap between art and the environment.Listen to the artist's extraordinary journey and quest to nurture a profound connection with our world.Amber Moir: Norman: Artistry by Tina Le Cordeur: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 3. Art Podcast - Gabrielle Raaff

    Join us on the latest episode of the Latitude Art Podcast hosted by Natasha Norman, where she had the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Gabrielle Raaff. In this episode, the two delve into the world of art and creativity, discussing how Gabby captures everyday beauty in her art and infuses it with tension and emotion. Her work beautifully resonates with the human experience. This discussion will inspire creatives as it is packed with helpful anecdotes about daily studio practice and the importance of remaining true to your craft.Natasha Norman: Artistry by Tina Le Cordeur: Raaff:
  • 8. Cheers to Women - Hope Distillery

    Join Tuanni Price and Lucy Beard in this episode of "Cheers to Women" and discover the fascinating world of Hope Distillery!Hope is taking South Africa by storm, from their aromatic African Botanical Gin to their unique Rum and Agave spirits. Lucy's passion for crafting these exceptional beverages shines through in the conversation - learn more about how it started, the art of distillation, the importance of botanicals, and how their labels reflect the spirit within. Cheers to a journey filled with flavour and hope!Hope Distillery: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 2. Art Podcast - Andrew Sutherland

    In the second episode of the Latitude Art Podcast, host Natasha Norman chats with Andrew Sutherland and is joined by Tina Le Cordeur. From Andrew's unique perspective as a colourblind painter to the evolution of his artistic style, this conversation takes you on a journey through the creative process. They reminisce about the beloved Salon 91 gallery and its impact on the Cape Town art scene, highlighting the importance of finding the right artistic fit. The discussion also touches on the Latitude Aparthotel project, where art meets interior design. Join us for an inspiring chat that explores the essence of art, collaboration, and personal growth.Andrew Sutherland: Norman: Artistry by Tina Le Cordeur: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 7. Cheers to Women - Sabrina Traubner

    In the latest edition of our "Cheers to Women" podcast, Tuanni Price interviews Sabrina Traubner, an award-winning mixologist and bartender from Cape Town. During the episode, Sabrina talks about her journey into the world of mixology, her background, and her love for teaching the art of mixing cocktails.She discusses her favourite spirits, including whiskey, and provides a simple whiskey cocktail recipe. Sabrina emphasises the importance of authenticity, humility, and creating an open space for learning and growth in the hospitality industry, both as a bartender and a teacher.Her energetic and down-to-earth personality shines through, and we invite you to enjoy this episode with us.The European Bartender School: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 6. Cheers to Women - Processus

    Join us for a spirited "Cheers to Women" episode, where we sit down with Megan, the creative winemaker behind Beau Constantia, and Beata, an art curator. Together, they've birthed Processus wine, a passion project exploring South Africa's lesser-known grape varietals like the Colombard.Host Tuanni leads a lively discussion on inclusivity, collaboration, and the changing wine scene, especially among young enthusiasts in Cape Town. Let's raise a glass to diversity and innovation in wine! Stay tuned for more episodes as we continue uncorking fascinating stories from the world of wine.Processus: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 5. Cheers to Women - Organic Wines by Sophie

    Welcome to "Cheers to Women", a podcast by Latitude Aparthotel. On the podcast's fifth episode, Tuanni Price is joined by Sophie Germanier, the talented winemaker behind Organic Wines by Sophie. Sophie's journey from Switzerland to South Africa and her passion for organic, vegan wines will inspire you. Discover what makes her wines truly organic and why they're good for you and the environment. From Sauvignon Blanc to Shiraz, she offers a diverse range at different price points. Let's raise a glass to sustainable living and delicious wines!Organic Wines by Sophie: to you by Latitude Aparthotel:
  • 1. Art Podcast - Tina Le Cordeur

    Discover the captivating world of art curation and interior design in the first episode of The Latitude Art Podcast! Join artist Natasha Norman and art curator Tina Le Cordeur, who is responsible for the beautiful art pieces found in the public areas of Latitude Aparthotel, as they delve into the transformative power of art in creating welcoming spaces.From curating diverse collections that challenge stereotypes to discussing the powerful synergy between art and design, this episode dives into the intricate art of crafting welcoming environments. Tune in for a conversation that showcases the dynamic synergy between art and the spaces we inhabit.Natasha Norman: Artistry: to you by Latitude Aparthotel: