The Kid Code Playground


Ugh! It’s Too Much!

Ep. 65

Do you feel like it’s too much, sometimes? Do you feel like something tips you over the edge of being ‘able to handle’ it?

Except the reality is that you’ve lived through a lot and that proves it’s never actually been too much, even when it feels like it is!

Listen to the simple lateral logic in this podcast, designed to disempower the belief: it’s too much—and bring your relief.

Once you’ve gotten this aha, to help yourself when it feels like things get to be too much, remind yourself that nothing is too much, except your thinking that it’s too much.

Every time you are faced with a challenge, and you don’t know how to meet it, remind yourself you are just falsely believing it’s too much and then wait as the relief takes over.

1:06 The kids fighting, won’t do must do’s, resisting all commonsense suggestions, pushing back just to push back, etc.? What to do?

1:25 Let’s bring some understanding and relief to the belief, “It’s too much,” so we can fall back on our resilience.

1:50 The unsuccessful need to escape reality.

2:08 Lateral logic to dissolve the stressful belief.

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