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Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Ep. 11

Deborah Myers is the founder of Health at Your Fingertip. She graduated as a certified acupressurist from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California. She then pursued training under well-respected Jyutsu masters, and you’ll soon see how she’s committed to share what she has learned to help you.

Deborah shares how to use these fingertips we’ve come equipped with to connect with our energy and help it move us to calmness, clarity and all those other states we love.

Learn that a simple self-hug helps lungs, breath, heart and—how that gives a message to your body that you are taking care of it. When you give yourself love and compassion, that’s what it will give back to you!

Acupressure de-stresses and re-patterns your body so it doesn’t automatically jump to the stress response unnecessarily. Yes, please.

Are your kids listening? Invite them to follow along!

Deborah has three books to help, parents, kids, and teachers—available on Amazon:

Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Kids and Parents:

Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Students and Teachers:

Easy Self-Help Acupressure for Grown-Ups:

School program information:

More information about the self-help video and her books (links to Amazon for the books):

Her upcoming Workshop information:


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The Highlights

The Body You Walk Around in Is Your House: 3:45

Teachers Can Teach Their Students (from her 6-minute animated video): 5:45

1st Step (Acupressure ‘hug’): 6:30

Jumper Cables to ‘Jump Start’ the mind and body: lose worry, fear, anger, sadness, and trying (letting go of it): 8:20

Projects Instead of Problems: 12:29

How to Get a Good Sleep: 12:40

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  • 131. Be A ‘Change’ Champion

    Every morning, at noon and every evening, remind yourself of what you’re going to change and how you’re going to feel when you change. What do you want to change as a parent. How will you feel when you change that? Like a champion!!For me it’s helpful to remind myself that my behaviors and words aren’t serving me when I act out. It motivates me to change.  
  • 130. Clear Thinking Series: Discomfort Razor

    This razor helps me so much—to move me out of my comfort zone with less stress. Outside of our comfort zones is where we learn the big lessons and get really wise!How can you use this razor for yourself and for your kids. I remind myself that I’ll learn something every single time I go outside of my comfort zone—if I pay attention.Remember to spread the love!
  • 129. Clear Thinking Series: Everyday Razor

    This simple razor inspires you to step up your game to get 7 years of output in one year!How can you use this one to help your kids?
  • 128. Clear Thinking Series: Einstein’s Razor

    These ‘razors’ help you and your kids get smarter, wiser!
  • 127. Philosophical Razor: Tarzwell’s Razor

    Replace regret (when speaking or acting from a highly charged emotional state) with a simple statement that keeps you from digging a hole you have to humbly climb out of.Think and thrive, and remember to spread the love.Show NotesSorry, no. Still needing to spend most of my energy healing from cancer so I can continue doing what I love!
  • 126. Series, Maximize Thinking Skills: Hitchen’s Razor

    Want to help your kids find their genius? Introduce them the clear thinking and nudge out confusion using the Philosophical Razors.Try one of these razors with your family applied to a local or global issue and let me know what you find! brenda@thekidcode.caShift your thinking and thrive—and remember to spread the love!
  • 125. Need More Energy?

    This Harvard study shows how powerful the mind is in affecting the functions of the body. See what happens when you simply think about being 20 years younger. Maybe you’ll have all the energy you need to parent those awesome kids of yours!Show Notes:
  • 124. Turning Trying Times Into Fun Times

    When things start to go south, reverse thinking and make it into a fun adventure. Your kids will love you for it. And you’ll be pretty happy with yourself too!
  • 123. Outsourcing Your Thinking

    If the news, the neighbors or the nuts do our thinking for us, we’re easily manipulated and can’t connect the dots we need to, to make good decisions, and to feel at ease.Remember to spread the love.