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Kindness Is Free - Part 6

Ep. 98

A quick reminder and simplified version of ridding yourself of guilt over how you’ve treated your kids and others awaits! If we want to be truly free to naturally be kind, we have to dissolve the learned parts of ourselves that hold on to the idea that we’re bad and should feel guilt. Our job is to blossom ourselves, not devalue ourselves and if we’ve been mean to someone, it will store in the unconscious mind and guilt will arise to haunt us.

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  • 112. Clear-Thinking Kids

    Dr. Jordan Peterson has a simple, respectful way to help you communicate with and understand your kids or anyone else, and—to help them learn to articulate—and that helps them to become clearer in their thinking. This is tremendously helpful in the world we live in today.  
  • 111. My Kids Are Button Pushers!

    Isn’t it strange that we do things we don’t really want to—like react negatively towards our kids? This podcast helps us see that we can correct our own course with a simple question.Show Notes:Eliot Hoppe, Serene Hypnotherapy Health and Wellness
  • 110. Teaching Kids To Change Course

    This week we’re talking about how to ask a few simple questions to go from making decisions that lead to some degree of destruction to making decisions that come from a place of collaboration—and way less internal stress.Show NotesEliot’s contact info:Eliot Hoppe, Serene Hypnotherapy Health and Wellness
  • 109. A Course Correction For Ourselves

    We can take our instructions from a negative thought or ask ourselves a simple question or two to change course! That sounds too easy. Try it and see!Show Notes:Eliot Hoppe, Serene Hypnotherapy Health and Wellness
  • 108. The ‘To Do’s’—Til Death Do Us Part

    This simple secret is like taking a feel-good tranquilizer without the side effects when stress arises around the never ending ‘to-do’s’!
  • 107. How Did Someone You Love Change You?

    Who are you grateful for? Why? How did that change you? How can you use that to help your kids and others?Contemplating how your life changed and how you can help others feel peaceful instead of panicky or paranoid is a good life-skill.  
  • 106. Kindness Is Free - Part 14

    With this recap of our Kindness Series you are invited to take the joy-causing strategies into your future with you.
  • 105. Kindness Is Free - Part 13

    The Princess, Lady Diana, and The Pauper, Mother Teresa both led lives that were blessed in some ways and impoverished in others—what they had in common—and spread around themselves, was kindness.  
  • 104. Kindness Is Free - Part 12

    Dedicate your day to kindness with a simple affirmation in the morning when your eyes pop open—and silently count how many times you can be kind to yourself and others each day—for the next week.