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Kids Not Listening?

Ep. 75

If you want your kids to listen, change the energy behind your words. Everyone will benefit.

One way to change your energy is to notice how you feel when you speak with your kids. If you’re frustrated, angry, or are lecturing—the feeling of frustration, anger and being lectured is what the child registers and they don’t want to listen.

If we speak from a calm place, the child registers that and is able to listen more easily.

Learn 3 quick ways to shift your energy to being calmer.

When you forget, and speak from a negative place, bless the mistake and make it right!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Successful Time-Out’s/In’s (Time Inward)

Ep. 81
Listen to discover how to help yourself and kids every day with every kind of upset. Use the strategies you like best and if you need a reminder, they’re all in the book, The Kid Code. The Kid Code teachers have simple and short online classes that teach the codes to you, too at A few reminders are:- When you come to the Y in the road, the moment of upset offers two opportunities, either consciously take happy street or stay on sad/mad street. Tell the upset, “You’re not the boss of me.” Yes, adults can do this strategy and say that too.- Bless yourself for your mistake if you let the emotion control you by saying and feeling the truth of the words, “I matter more than the mistake,” and them make the mistake right by apologizing to another person or doing whatever is necessary.- The tantrum tamer.- The turnaround.- Natural consequences.- Diverting to Divinity- Grumpy to Grateful- I am that.- Power struggles.- BullyProof Yourself and Your Kids- and many more…In addition to a Comfy Corner Calming Sheet, you can write some encouraging messages on the other side. Here are some examples that Amanda wrote for her daughter to refer to when she felt upset:Remember you’ve worked through and gotten through these feelings many times.Mom is so proud of you when you find a way to regulate your emotions.You can do hard things.This too shall pass.Breathe. Deep breathes. Let your tummy gurgle and all the emotions release downwards.We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.Send all your emotions up to the sun to be transformed into light.Ask yourself if the thought you are believing is true.Get your body moving, handstands, skipping. Etc.Worry, anxiety and panic don’t help you control the future. They just make you feel out of control in the moment.Some other encouraging notes you can write to your kids that they can read to help them self-regulate are:Repeat to yourself, “I am loved. I am safe.”Remind yourself that to self-regulate and become calm and playful is a superpower and you’ve got this!These big emotions don’t help me, they hurt me.Anger and sadness and all other upsetting emotions are not the boss of me. I’m the boss of them.My nature is peaceful and playful. How I know that is I feel natural when I’m like that.My nature is not mad and scared. How I know that is I don’t feel natural when I’m like that.What other things might you tell your child to encourage him or her?So make this hard work easier for you and your kids with some comfy corner calming sheets!Show NotesNope, still none. My arms aren’t recovered from surgery as of yet, so no typing for me.