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A Course Correction For Ourselves

Ep. 109

We can take our instructions from a negative thought or ask ourselves a simple question or two to change course! That sounds too easy. Try it and see!

Show Notes:

Eliot Hoppe, Serene Hypnotherapy Health and Wellness


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  • 123. Outsourcing Your Thinking

    If the news, the neighbors or the nuts do our thinking for us, we’re easily manipulated and can’t connect the dots we need to, to make good decisions, and to feel at ease.Remember to spread the love.
  • 122. Dancing

    Did you know that dancing, even when you’re not “good” at it has benefits that outweigh even an exercise bike…among other things! Get your kids to dance, here’s some ideas.Show NotesMaybe never. I don’t know. 
  • 121. Playing Is For You Too!

    Did you know that playing can help relationships and improve brain function? And it does so much more for us!
  • 120. Singing’s A Savior

    Even if you’re not good at it, there are so many benefits to singing, it’s like a magic pill. It doesn’t just make you feel good, it even helps fight infections, who’d have thought? Want to have a sing-along with your family tonight?Show NotesNot yet. 
  • 119. Enough Of The Positive Blah, Blah, Blah

    Even if we don’t feel like being positive, even if we’re tired of everyone preaching about it, even if it seems hard to achieve—and we’d like to stomp on the idea when we’re feeling grouchy…research shows that people who have three positive thoughts to one negative thought have a better chance of human flourishing.That is a fascinating, simple, and inspiring formula for human flourishing.Show NotesSorry, nope.  
  • 118. Positive-Obsessing

    How would your life change if your brain produced feel-good hormones when you are positive-obsessing vs. how you feel when you are negative-obsessing and producing stress chemicals?How can you become positive-obsessed?Spread the love.Show NotesSorry.
  • 117. You’re Smarter Than You Think

    Listen to learn a simple question to boot us out of a ‘thinking-box’ we can sometimes gravitate towards. This question kicks us into solution-oriented thinking and out of problem-obsessing!Remember to spread the love.Show NotesNot yet.  
  • 116. Resolutions Reconfigured

    Asking a simple question can stop an unwanted desire. Studies show that with no resistance, we act on 70% of our desires and with resistance, we act on 17% of them. Show Notes:This article demonstrating percentages on resistance was created by Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) and Lucinda Poole (PsyD).
  • 115. Patience Running Thin?

    Since your family or friends are still going to be around more than usual for a few more days, in this podcast I share my favorite ways to dissolve my important impatience and return myself back to the decent person I want to be.Show NotesEver hopeful.